All Our Endless Summer

Linh has always loved books and slow romantic music. She loved what she did. Her life was always so simple. Until Zayn came into her life. He spoiled her. She loved him. But he didn't realize until it was too late.


3. The Moment.

"Morning, welcome to Denny's, my name is Linh and I'll be your waitress for this beautiful morning. What can I get you?" I said as I took their order. This was my summer job. Waitress. Not that I have anything against it, but I would've prefered another  job. But I still get a good payment. That's all that matters. I took the family's order and left. My last shift finally arrived. I brought them all their drinks and went to get the food. I brought it to them when it was made and I waited. And waited. And waited. Until a saw a flicker of a hand and I rushed to get The check and cleaned the table. Finally. Everyone was starting to leave.

"Linh, you're in dish washing duty tonight. Make sure their all clean. See you Monday." My boss said to me and left. I groaned in frustration and started the dishes until I heard the bell of the door ring. I went there and saw him. Zayn.

"Hello, welcome to Denny's, my name is Linh and I'll be your waitress for this beautiful night. What can I get you?" I said not looking at him. He looked at me. 

"Hey, don't you go to my school?" He asked.

"Yes, Zayn. I do go to your school. What do you want to eat so I can prepare it and leave?" I said frustrated. 

"Wow, you must be very tired. Have you eaten?" He asked concerned.

"No, that's the bas thing about being new. I don't get lunch break." 

"How about I help you clean up and I take you to dinner?" He asked smiling. I smiled and blushed and nodded.

We cleaned everything and left.

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