"why me?".....


1. my life

       7:30 AM 

 ' Hi!' .... 'My name is Ace, I am currently a 13 year old boy in my last year of middle school.'

'Strangely though, ... this a very odd year, stranger already that I'm a boy going in to high school next year.'  'But lately everybody's avoiding me but my firends, LITERALLY.'    'And am getting sudden feelings that am being watched.'      

            'Well I have to catch the bus to school now, later.'



8:12 AM

        Ace walked in to his classroom swinging his black backpack over his chair as his friend walked over to him. "Hey ace what's up?" a boy with black hair and green eyes who he new as Alex came up to Ace who's hair was rugged dark,dark brown with blue eyes. "Hey Alex nothing,sup in class today?" Ace said. "Nothing much, algebra and annoying brats as usual." Alex said sarcastically with a light smile. "Again why dos everyone hate me?" Ace replied frowning not amused.  "No one hates you....I think... Cheer up it's just a new year." *bringgg~* the starting class bell rung as Alex moved to his desk.  "Shure...,shure." Said Ace mum murmuring to himself as her placed his hand under his chin and watched his teacher start the class.  Suddenly ace flinched turning  his head the hair on the back of his neck bristled as he felt eyes watching him..... 


11:15 AM

           Ace took out his lunch a sandwich with turkey and cheese siting alone at a table outside he liked to sit at because it was so close to a river he visited that had been abandoned do to a chemical spill that killed thousands and landed others in the mental hospital do to insanity of the mind. But he didn't mind as long as he didn't touch the water he would be fine.  


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