two sides

Are there is two sides to a girl...?


1. crow hunter

                 Nina a' 12 year old girl Sat in her middle school 7th grade class room she was assigned to for advisory. her black hair nearly covered her eyes, as it had messy long bangs. She was a small girl with long hair that touched the floor and dragged along as she walked, she had bright neon green eyes wearing her jeans and a plan white button up shirt. She was a shy girl who was always polite and timid. She played with her hair as she waited for the period to start she avoided all eye contact mostly staring down she kept quiet. She was often use to being a loner at school even though it hurt deep inside and she wanted to cry she keeped a calm face. As class began she wasn't really paying attention she stared out the window at the cloudy, grey sky.



          3 boys stuttered in terror at the 4th friend of there's lay motionless on the ground dead and covered in his own blood beneath the moonlight. A confident voice can from the shadows with a evil bloodshed grin. 1,2,3 the remaining 3 boys were shot ing the head now all blooded, blood staining there clothing and dropping down on there now cold horror struck faces. A small, pail girl stepped out of the shadows with bright neon green eyes and long messy bangs, with hair that touched the floor and dragged along when she moved.....

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