Random Facts About Me

These are some facts about me


6. Ten facts

1) I was born in North Carolina

2) My first story was The Amazing Gwen Stacey

3) I have a story saved in microsoft works called "Humans and Wolves"

4) I once mad a cardboard dollhouse

5) My original pen name is DivergentTris16

6) My friend is a total whackadoo but I still love her like a sister (Idekw XD)

7) I'm hoping to see Gaurdians of the Galaxy or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my friend who just moved in

8) I've never been on a date as of now

9) I've listened to 3 Imagine Dragons songs that I know of, that I liked

10) I've only ever read 1 comic book and it was an Iron Man one

+ Bonus

I really want to be at comic-con right now...


Tricky M.B.

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