You're My Complicaton

A Gossip Girl spin off about two troubled teens that become good friends who live in Manhattan. Wesley Parker is very rich and lives in a world of Champagne, penthouses, wild parties, and scandal where Leigh Brighton in a middle-classed family and doesn’t know the first thing about being socially active because of a traumatic betrayal of her childhood best friend.Both being interested in photography, they meet in a park, and they soon find out that they have more in common than photography and they are both having trouble with social lives and their families. Read to see how they conquer their dilemmas together…


4. The Calamity Circle

Wesley’s POV

Instead of going back home,I follow my mothers orders and find Colin. He is apart of my circle of “friends” and is the only decent person to hang with, that is when he isn’t drunk or stoned.

Luckily, I found him sober in his apartment, that he moved in on his eighteenth birthday.

“Hey.” I say crashing on his couch across from him. He is on his phone focused on something.

“Hey…” He replies, still not paying any attention to me

“What’s got your eyes glued to your phone?”

“I just got a text that we aren’t invited to your mothers annual birthday soirée tonight.”

And what he means by “we” is our circle, but everyone else on the upper east side call us the calamity circle or the clams because we cause disaster or damage. It’s been that way since sixth grade, when we first caused a scene. There are seven of us: Coralie, Ashton, Lana, Colin, Elijah, Rory, and me.

“And Coralie is blowing me up with ways to cause trouble at the party because we weren’t invited.”

Cora is cool I guess, but she is always the one starting up the mess that gets us in scandal, except once.

“Even though what she is proposing is tempting, I can’t get in anymore trouble before we graduate.” He tells me

“Well, I already defaulted my trust fund for four years, so I can’t really do any more damage. Plus,my parents need a wake up call. What’s her plan?” I ask

“Wes,are you kidding me? You never want anything to do with Cora’s madness. What’s going on with the good old Parker family?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Just tell me her plan.”

He smirks. “Ok,ok. She wants to either hire some hookers to raid the party or…call the press and out the real reason we didn’t attend the party.”

“What? Why? Wouldn’t she just be embarrassing herself?” I lower my voice “Telling everyone about that night?”

“She doesn’t care,Wes. She will do anything for drama. She lives for it. Heck, she lives off of it!”

“I know, its just…isn’t that going to far? Crossing the line?”

He looks at me and narrows his eyes. “Cora knows no bounds.”

“We know that well,don’t we?” We laugh.

The thing I do like one thing about our circle’s bond, despite the frequent betrayal, we all stick together when we get in trouble and everyone takes the blame even when it was one person’s fault. We all take care of each other, but it gets annoying getting in trouble because of Cora or any of the others when I’m always the one doing good, till now.

“Tell her I’m in,” I blurt out “and tell her I like the second plan best.”

“Ok, well I guess I’m in too because I got to see you go through with it.”

“Cora is going to pick everyone up in the limo at seven. And meet in front of your building to talk about he plan until the right time to crash the party.” He says

I smile. “I’ll be ready.”


“Mr.Parker?” The guy that works in the building of my penthouse says

I got ready and watched a movie till it was time to go.


“Your friends are here to pick you up, sir.”

“Thanks Tim, I will be right down.”

I get up off of my bed and look in the mirror.

I fix my bow tie and smooth my suit and walk out of my room, trying to avoid my parents.

Once I am down the elevator, I walk out the building and search for Cora’s limo.

I spot it and open the door.

“Hey, Wes come in. We need you!” Rory motions me in the limo. Rory has long blonde hair and pale skin. Her eyes are light brown. She wears a floor length blood-red dress with her boobs partly showing. Oops.I think she saw me looking at them.

“So, Cora still wants the hookers to come in before we drop the bomb about the scandal, but I don’t think it’s necessary.” Rory explains

“It would make it epic though!” Cora backs up her opinion as her shoulder length black hair shifts

“But not needed!” Rory comes back

“I say make it as epic as possible.” I interrupt

“Thank you!” Cora exclaims

“Yeah, thanks a lot Wes.” Rory folds her arms

“Ok, I’ll call them!” Cora says excitedly

“By the way, why are you all of the sudden interested in causing trouble? Finally living up to your clam lifestyle?” Rory smiles

“Uhh…no not really.” I reply

“Then why ruin your own mothers birthday party?” Lana joins in

“Because I’m looking for a way to get back at my parents.” I confess

“What’s up in the perfect Parker household, huh?” Elijah asks

“It’s not important.”

“Since when can you not talk to us about these things, Wes?” Ashton asks with his arm around Lana. They have been going out since ninth grade. About four years now.

“My parents are taking Alondra’s trust fund. And I’m stuck in the middle.”

“How is Alondra doing, I’ve missed her.” Eli says in his flirty tone. He has liked Alondra since forever. Since we were babies.

“I’m sure she’s fine without you, Eli!” Lana jokes

“Hahaha.” Eli laughs sarcastically

“Ok, the hookers will be here at 8:20. Twenty minutes after the party starts.” Cora finally finishes her phone call

“You’re missing some drama, Coralie. Alondra got caught in her little game.” Colin speaks for the first time. He has been downing champagne since I’ve been in here.

“Really? Finally. It’s about time.” Cora murmurs

“Enough talk about serious matters. Let’s party till it’s time to work. Let’s toast to us,” Colin pours me a glass of champagne. “The calamity circle!”

“The calamity circle!” We all yell as our glasses clash


After waiting about an hour and thirty minutes, its show time.

We make our way into the building discretely up to my penthouse and soon we have crashed the party.

The hookers have caused a bit of chaos, making it ready for us to continue our plan.

I grab a drink and try to blend in to the crowd of people.

I see Cora slip a wad of cash to a hooker, probably for all of the hookers to split.

Of course Cora is going to drop the bomb about that night because she is the drama queen, so I wait for her to take the stage.

Soon, she is on stage and I can see everyone’s attention direct to her.

“Excuse me! Can I have everyone’s attention!” Cora speaks into the mic.

I see Colin. He nods to me and I nod back.

The plan is in motion.

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