You're My Complicaton

A Gossip Girl spin off about two troubled teens that become good friends who live in Manhattan. Wesley Parker is very rich and lives in a world of Champagne, penthouses, wild parties, and scandal where Leigh Brighton in a middle-classed family and doesn’t know the first thing about being socially active because of a traumatic betrayal of her childhood best friend.Both being interested in photography, they meet in a park, and they soon find out that they have more in common than photography and they are both having trouble with social lives and their families. Read to see how they conquer their dilemmas together…


2. Family Fueds

Wesley's POV

I wonder why she was so rude. I was nothing but nice to her. But there’s something I like about her. She was real with me, honest. These days with all the mess going on in my life, a little brutal honesty isn’t bad. I get it, maybe she was so rude because she is hiding something, wearing the protective covering of her tight-fisted personality.

Anyway, I have to go buy some French macaroons for my mother’s birthday, even though she has been a sorry excuse for a mother lately. Her and my father have been basically black-mailing me into doing things to get my trust-fund. On top of that I can’t escape them till I turn twenty-one because of a scandal I didn’t want any part of. After all, it is them who wants me to hang out with the crowd that pulls me into these situations.

I was supposed to get the money on my birthday-which is coming up- but it was pushed back because my parents thought, 'I’m not mature enough to handle that much money.’ My plans were to head to Paris where my sister, Alondra, is to pretend that I was going to college as my requirements to get my trust-fund states. My sister went there to get away from my parents and told them that she was going to some college in Paris in order to get her trust-fund. I am surprised that they haven’t figured it out, or maybe they have and just don’t want to fight with her anymore.

I miss Alondra, how she protected me from the scandal that now contaminates my reputation and from the wrath of my parents. She is more of a parent to me than they will ever be.


I now arrive at Ladurée to pick up my mothers birthday gift. It is always crowded up here because of tourists, but I don’t mind mostly because I don’t come here often.

I wait in line for a bit until I catch a glance of something familiar-straight brown and blonde hair with half of it pulled up. It’s the girl from earlier, Leigh.

“Hey, Leigh!” I say

She turns to look at me and turns back around as she rolls her eyes. She is in front of me, picking out her macaroons, with three people between us.

After she is done picking and paying for her treats, she turns stands next to me.

“What are you doing here? Are you following me?” She asks

“No, I’m getting my Mom a gift for her birthday.” I reply

She stands there for a while, not saying a word. Then she walks away, also not saying a word.

She’s so arrogant. But somehow I feel like she’s that way to everyone. I shrug and turn to pick out my mothers favorite macaroon flavors.

“Can you put them in a gift box please.” I tell the lady that is helping me

“Sure.” She replies

I pay her the amount I owe and quickly walk out of the shop. I was hoping to maybe see Leigh standing out here to yell at me more or something. But she nowhere to be found. I look around again, but there is no Leigh. I kinda wanted to ask her for some advice because of her honesty and because my sister isn’t here to help.

Then it hits me. Maybe I could find her in the park next Saturday, at the same place. I hope I’m right because its hard to find good honest people around to help me with my sister being gone.


“Mom! Are you home?” I yell

“Yes, darling I’m in the dining area with your father!” She yells back

I walk into the dining area to see my mother and father sitting across from each other drinking tea.

“Happy Birthday, Mother!” I say handing her the box of macaroons.

“My favorite! Thank you, Wesley my darling!” She exclaims as she gets up to hug me.

“Your welcome Mom. So how has your birthday been so far?” I ask

“It has been quite enjoyable. Look what your father gave me!” She holds up an emerald necklace, which is her favorite jewel. “At least this gift will last me over the years, right Wesley?”

I don’t know if I should be offended by that or not. I nod and try to smile. Little things like these make me to want to buy her nothing at all.

“Well, I must finish the preparations for my party tonight so I should be going. Wesley, hang out with your friends tonight, ok?” She says like it’s an option, but I know it is a demand.

“Sure.” I reply

“I would love for you to be there, but I just want adults to be there this year, ok?”

“Of course.” I say with no questions. But I know the real reason she doesn’t want me and my so called ‘friends’ there. She doesn’t want me making her look bad because of the most recent scandal that wasn’t of my doing.

“Excellent!” She mutters as she hugs me and kisses my cheek. She leaves the room and I’m left with my father.

“So have you heard from your sister lately?” He asks

“No. Why?” I question him.

“You know why.”

“No, actually I don’t.”

“If she isn’t going to college over there in Paris, she is violating her contract to get her trust-fund. Also, she is suppose to be seen at least two social events a year so people won’t think she is missing in action.”

“You should know by now, father. Alondra doesn’t care what people think of her, especially not the people here.”

“Well, she should care. We are the Parkers, son. Don’t you get it? You know what, all I’m going to say is I know you have been in touch with her and the next time you are, tell her we are going to shut down her account that she getting the money from.” He yells

“You can’t do that, that’s her money now.” I shout

“Not anymore if she’s not in college like I know she is. She is making our family look like trash and I won’t allow it anymore.”

“I think you and Mom are doing a much better job of making our family trash than she is.” I yell as I turn towards the door to leave

“Just tell her to get here before everything she has is lost.” He says leaving the room before I do.

I stand there for a second trying to process what just happened. Alondra needs to get here before its too late. I have to call her.

I run out of the room and down the elevator. I stand in the lobby as I speed dial Alondra’s phone number.

“Hello?” Alondra says

“Hey, sis you need to get here fast. Stop what you are doing and get a plane ticket to New York now!” I mutter

“Wait, Wes, slow down, what’s going on?”

“Mom and Dad know you aren’t in to college and they are going to freeze your bank account. They are also pretty mad that you haven’t been visiting. Just get here before it is too late. You may never get your money back if you don’t.”

“Ok I’ll be there as soon as I can!”

“Ok, see you soon. I love you, bye.” I say as I hang up.

I hope she makes it because I can’t help her if she doesn’t.

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