I sweated under the pressure of his eyeless gaze.


1. Average Little Sister

  I stared out my window watching cars every once in a while pass on the little Pavo, Georgia street. I sighed. Pavo is so small, I feel contained, I wish I lived in a city, people, shops, lights, it just sounds perfect. I watched my mom slowly pull into the drive way I smile, she picked up my older sister Sandrelle from softball practice and she also has my little brother Zeclan, mom takes him everywhere. I ran to the door, it opened wide in front of me. Mom stood there with my brother in her arm and my sister behind her, headphones in, fingers flying, as usual.


  "Hows it going Roxabelle?" My mom placed Zeclan on the couch and patted my head I smiled.


   "Just fine Moma" I turned to Sandrelle and tugged on her navy blue softball uniform shorts. She pulled out a ear bud and stared at me with her 'what brat'

face. "Wanna play?" I jumped in a circle, doing my best to act cute.


   "No, I'm busy talking to my friend Adara" She replaced the lime green head phone bake into her ear and resumed texting away. I glanced down sadly. Mom pushed Sandrelle light on her shoulder and glared at her.


  "Play with you sister! Now!" Before Sandrelle could argue Mom shot her a 'You don't have a choice look' She sighed and bent down to me with a disgusted snarl.


 "What do you want?" I smiled, I tend to get my way around here, you can call me the average little sister. I sprinted to a couple of dolls sitting on the coffee table. She rolled her eyes and sulked over and grabbed a doll. I frowned.


 "That one is my favorite...I wanna play with her..." I picked up the other, which was noticeably uglier and handed it to Sandrelle.  


  "Kid if your gonna force me to play barbies with you, I'm going to use her whether you like it or not...brat" She muttered the last word just so mom couldn't hear, I smiled a evil smile and began to cry. Over the 7 years of my life I've become a skilled fake crier. Sandrelle's aqua eyes grew wide and she cover my mouth with her hand, I instinctively bit it. She grumbled and pulled her and away and wipe my saliva on the carpet. I cried loader and mom rushed over, perfect.


  "Whats wrong sweety?" I slowly lifted a small finger toward my sister, she stared at me clearly angered by my amazing acting skills. "Sandrelle! Stop picking on you poor little sister all the time its getting old!"


  "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING SHE JUST BURST OUT CRYING FOR NO REASON SHE ALWAYS DOES THIS SHE BLAMES ME MOM, SHE'S EVIL DON'T YOU SEE?" Mom pointed a sturdy index finger to her room, Sandrelle opened her mouth to speak but mom glared at her to shut up. Sandrelle angrily headed for the hallway to her room just before entering though she turned me and lifted a finger in my direction, ya you know the one. I smiled back and stuck out my little pink tongue, then she disappeared into her room. Haha this is always fun.    

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