The Man Who Talked To The Wall

When Mr. Walltalker found out that his wife (Mrs. Walltalker) was incapable of having a baby, he designed a talking wall instead. But now a mysterious force has stolen it! Now Mr. Walltalker, who loves the live wall like a son, is determined to find it! And he brought his wife. But who took it? And how will they get it back?


1. The Walltalker Family

Roy Sebiscuis Walltalker, but better known as Mr. Walltalker, lived in a brick duplex with Janice Walltalker, his wife. Let's take a tour of their house.

When you go into their house, an arrow-shaped sign saying WELCOME on it points at the door. Once inside, you'll find yourself in a kitchen with the mouth-watering smell of white chocolate. Three walls in the kitchen are blue, and the fourth is red. The sink is extremely shiny, the cabinets are striped blue and pink, and the refrigerator had a rainbow on it.

Once you go out of the kitchen, you would find yourself in the living room. A computer is on one end, a 25-inch TV is on another end, and on another is a couch. Then there's the bathroom, with cherry almond soap.

And the last room is the bedroom. On the left is the dresser, where the clothes are kept. On the right is a queen-sized bed, just right for the married couple. The bed had a Star Wars-themed pillow on the left, for that was Mr. Walltalker's favorite movie. On the right was a Harry Potter-themed pillow, Mrs. Walltalker's favorite movie. There was no upstairs or downstairs.

Mrs. Walltalker loved Mr. Walltalker dearly. She had black hair and was usually seen in pink. She was born in Houston on February 14, and her loving heart proved her birthday to be no coincidence. She and her husband had no children. They worked together as anatomy scientists.

Mr. Walltalker, on the other hand, had a bad temper. He was thin and had no mustache. He almost always wore a tuxedo. He was born in Levensworth, Kansas, on July 4. There was one very unusual thing about him. He had a wall with a face and long, wooden snout that he talked to! Every morning he asked the wall, "Hello, wall. How are you? Did you sleep well? Did you enjoy preventing burglary from my home?"

Every night he would ask it something quite similar: "Hello, wall! How was your day? Did you enjoy protecting my house from robbers?"

The reason he did this was because he found an experiment right after college to make walls talk. That way, the wall answered him back. There were no other walls in the house that could speak. He considered this wall as part of his family, mostly due to the fact that Mrs. Walltalker was inable to become pregnant.

And that is where our story begins.

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