If you could wish for anything, what would it be? I know ...



Adrenaline courses through me as I race away from the beast. My head thumps, matching the steady rhythm of my footsteps. A pair of bright green eyes flash at my greedily as they glare out of the shadows. The monster behind me snarls. Why is this happening? To me, of all people! There are seven billion people in the world. Why am I the only one about to be killed my something which seems as dead as a dodo, i.e. extinct. If it was ever alive.

Sudden sharp pain shoots through my right thigh and I cry out in agony. My scream echoes widely around the forest, chilling me to the bone. Karma, Mum would have called it. Yeah, right. What did I do?

'Nothing,' a voice whispers inside my head.

'Exactly!' I exclaim, laughing a little in my relief.

'You are nothing,' the voice says, and I can almost hear the smirk in its voice.

I furrow my brow, confused as to what this voice is implying. Curious, I ask, 'Who are you?' The voice laughs again.

'The King,' the voice says. 'The King of the Wishers.'

I tilt my head to one side, silently urging the 'King of the Wishers' to continue. He doesn't.

'You know, King, I really wish you would explain,' I say impatiently, after a long stretch of silence which seems to have chased that terrible beast away.

This time, he does. 'The Wishers can grant any wish, any they would like. I created this race, my dearest, and you are the first to come forth. Follow me.' I raise my eyebrow and laugh. 'Let me rephrase that,' he continues. 'I wish you would follow me.'

My feet begin to move of their own accord, muscles fighting my mental urge to stay still. An even darker shade of black than the forest consumes me.

As I touch the white marble floor of my landing spot, I stare around in wonder, and think to myself, I am a Wisher.

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