💕The secret life of a popstar💕

Sam is just a problem teenager In Australia, but when A famous Popstar Gabriella Marquez goes on tour they meet up and fall in love. But their love is forbidden by Gabriella's manager who says she can only date famous people.


1. 💕hello my name is💕

Hello my name is Gabriella Marquez and when I turned 15 I went on my first tour. But the truth is I hate being famous, I want to be normal and my boyfriend is a jerk! I wish I could run away to a place where people get me. Now I'm in my hometown Sydney Australia. My fans depend on me to sing my little heart out but I just don't want to I can't take it anymore.

Sams POV.

I hate all those little rich famous kids, I used to have a best friend but then she went to the dark side, she became famous and she left me. People think they know me when they don't. I want to give my sister a better life, our mother abandoned us when we were kids and now she's gonna pay. I can't take it anymore watching my sister cry everyday, I want to be famous.

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