💕The secret life of a popstar💕

Sam is just a problem teenager In Australia, but when A famous Popstar Gabriella Marquez goes on tour they meet up and fall in love. But their love is forbidden by Gabriella's manager who says she can only date famous people.


10. 💕chapter9💕

As I got to seventeen magazine headquarters Henry was taking pictures of Christopher. I walked in and Christopher gave me a nasty look. Henry was me and Christopher's photographer. I walked to the white screen and stood next to Christopher. "Okay Chris, I need you to put your arms around Gabriella's waist and look into her eyes for the cover" Henry commanded. Christopher did what he was told, it was so awkward. I smiled at him and as the picture shot, my smile faded away. We took ten more photos and then we stopped. Me and Christopher both agreed on one certain picture. Then we went our seperate ways.

When I got home, Sam was packing. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Packing," Sam said to me. "Why?" I asked. My arms wrapped around him. "For my sisters funeral," Sam says as he looks up at me. I slipped away. "Oh goodness! I have to get packed to!" I said. I ran up the stairs and to my room. Sam followed. I grabbed my white suitcase. "I have no idea eah to wear," I said. "I don't care what you wear, as long as your there" Sam said to me as he leaned against my closet door. I threw all my skirts and dresses into the suitcase. Then I got out another suitcase and put all my heels and flats into it. "Woah, how many bags do you need?" Sam asked as I rolled two of the bags out. "Just these two" then I grabbed my makeup bag and purse. "And these" I said. "Okay diva, let's go" Sam said as he grabbed his duffel bag and guitar case. We walked out the door, Sam drove my car to the airport. We parked in the overnight parking lot and walked to the LAX terminal. We dragged our luggage behind us and held each other's hands. When we got on the plane a lot of people stared at me. It was normal for me but it was weird for Sam. "Why are they all staring?" San asked, he was getting paranoid. "They are just fans" I said. "Well you sorta have a lot" Sam said to me in his thick Australian accent. I had a little Australian accent, it's been a few years since I've came to America so I sort of lost it. We would be on this flight for over twenty four hours. I had to get some rest, so I fell asleep on Sam. A few hours later he woke me up. "Gabriella we are here" he said. He and I grabbed our stuff. People were nice enough to let us go through, I heard two girls whisper, "I thought she was with Christopher Mason from MTV" that made me feel uncomfortable.

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