💕The secret life of a popstar💕

Sam is just a problem teenager In Australia, but when A famous Popstar Gabriella Marquez goes on tour they meet up and fall in love. But their love is forbidden by Gabriella's manager who says she can only date famous people.


9. 💕chapter8💕

In bed me and Sam just talked and talked about us. “I just don’t know why we stopped being friends?” I asked. “I was jealous and hurt, and I didn’t want you to leave” Sam said to me. “Sometimes I wish, I didn’t have to be famous, I want to be normal, and now I have to act like I’m Christopher’s girlfriend” I said. “Your not, your my girl and if everyone thinks your not ill go to seventeen and tell them” Sam said to me. I cuddled up against him, “thats sweet, Christopher never said anything sweet to me like that” I said. Sam stroked my hair.  “He’s a jerk, and I know you too well to ever hurt you” “And to think that we weren’t best friends” I said. “Now we are, I’m sorry I hurt you” Sam replied, For him to say sorry is a big step. “Im sorry for leaving you” I said back.


I got up because I had to go and take pictures for Seventeen with Christopher. In the morning I got into the shower and let the rain drops from the shower hit into my muscles. I soaked my hair into the water and set in the conditioner. I got out and dried up, I picked out a very cute outfit. It was a purple skirt and a white bralet crop top. I put on my white heels and did my makeup. I did my hair really tightly and added a white bow. Sam was still in my bed and I didn’t want to wake him so I just left. My white heels clacked. As I stepped out of my house I got a call from Porsha. “Hello?” I said. “What the hell?! Christopher is saying you dumped him, its all over!” Porsha screamed through the phone. I opened my car door and got in. “I did, he was being a jerk and I didn’t want to deal with him” I said as I stuck in the keys to rev up the car. “What do you mean, you had a deal! I take you under my wing and you date Christopher for the next six years its only been four” Porsha said. I put on my bluetooth and spoke to her in  the car. “Well speaking of my career, I think I should take a break from singing” I said. “No! you have to sing at your next concert, oh and tell whoever your new boyfriend is to back off!’ Porsha said. And with that she hung up. 


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