💕The secret life of a popstar💕

Sam is just a problem teenager In Australia, but when A famous Popstar Gabriella Marquez goes on tour they meet up and fall in love. But their love is forbidden by Gabriella's manager who says she can only date famous people.


8. 💕chapter7💕


When Christopher (my boyfriend) came over, I introduced him to Sam. "Hi I'm Sam, Sam Conte" Sam said putting his hand out. Why did he have to say it like that? "Sup I'm Christopher" Christopher said shaking Sams hand. Christopher was all dressed up for the awards. I was in my red dress with encrusted rubys on the bodice where my breasts where. "I'll probably watch you guys on tv, but I'll see you later" Sam said. "I thought you wanted to come?" I asked. "Nah, I wouldn't want to bother, just go out there and win an award" Sam said to me, "see you later" I replied, I grabbed my silver clutch and put on my silver heels at the door and my and Christopher left. Christopher and me rode in a limousine to the Billboard music awards. "So what's up with Sam?" Christopher asked as he straightened up his suit. "Well we were childhood friends, and I moved away so we haven't really talked, and now he came to me because his sister passed away, she commited suicide. So he asked me to fly back to Australia and sing at her funeral" I said. "Wow, that's sad but who cares, let's focus on us, we have photo shoots tommorrow for Seventeen magazine and an interview with Teen beat" Christopher said. I rolled my eyes, I hated how Christopher was self revolved only around him and him looking good. "Is there a problem?" Christopher asked me. "No, not at all" I lied, there was a problem, it was him.

At the music awards I had recieved the most popular song on iTunes. I thanked all my fans and family and friends. As I walked off stage, Katy Perry came on stage to announce best music video of 2014. Ariana Grande and Iggy Azaela won that one for problem. Everyone clapped but Christopher. "That should've been me" he said. I rolled my eyes after the awards, we went to the after party. There was club music and all the celebrity's were either dancing, talking, or drinking. I was talking to Camilla from Fifth Harmony. She was so sweet! After we finished talking I looked for Christopher, he was grinding on Tinashe. I was so done with him! I walked out of the after party furious, I grabbed a gift bag and left to the limousine. "Where to Ms.Marquez?" The chauffeur asked. "The mansion" I said. When I got out of the limo, I walked straight to the door. I opened it with my key and walked in. A tear rolled down my check, I ran across the hall and ran up the stairs, my heels clacked as I ran. I went to my room and went inside my closet, I teared the pictures of me and Christopher from my closet door, they were mostly pictures of us from magazines and covers. I flipped off my heels and took off my dress. I got into my grey sweatpants and my pink crop top. I tied my honey golden hair up and started wiping off my makeup. There was a knock on my bedroom door. "Come in!" I said. "Hey, how'd it go?" Sam asked, he was in his plaid pajama pants and black tee shirt. It hugged his arms tight. "Great! I won an award" I said. "I know I saw, that was a heart tugging speech, but I saw the after party," Sam said. He chuckled, "man! You are dumb, if they play a club song and your boyfriend is drunk you know a guys gonna grind" he says to me. That made me want to cry even more. "I didn't mean that" Sam said. He sat down next to me. "I never thought it would end like this" I said to Sam. “Well he’s a jerk and doesn't deserve you" Sam said, he held my hand. Our hands intertwined, his lips locked on me, and I locked on his. I never thought I would be kissing Sam Conte my childhood friend. “I love you Sam” I said. “No you don’t you love me!” Chris yelled at me. “You should’ve thought about that when you grinded on Tinashe or whatever the hell her name is!” I yelled. “Oh fuck you! me and you need to have a chat” He said to Sam. “Go ahead pretty boy I’m right here” Sam said. Christopher tackled Sam and they fought across my room, Sam threw Chris into my vanity breaking the mirror. “STOP!” I yelled. Chris slapped me and Sam scratched me by accident when I got into the middle of them. I cried, but they stopped when they realized they hurt me. “Christopher you need to leave before I call LA PD” I said giving him a warning. He straightened out his tux and left my home. My face was red and my arm was bruised but I wasn’t as bad as Sam. “Your cut” I said. “No shit” he said back. “Lets go to the bathroom, ill fix you up” I said. I lead Sam to the bathroom. He pulled off his shirt, which showed his god body. He was cut from the mirror, I grabbed a wet cloth and started dabbing his cuts. “I was so scared” I said as I dabbed a cut on his back. He turned around, “Theres nothing to be scared of anymore, Im here” Sam said. He pulled me in for a kiss. It was so wrong but felt so right. We stopped kissing, “Tonight, I want to lay with you and just talk about us” I said. 

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