💕The secret life of a popstar💕

Sam is just a problem teenager In Australia, but when A famous Popstar Gabriella Marquez goes on tour they meet up and fall in love. But their love is forbidden by Gabriella's manager who says she can only date famous people.


5. 💕chapter4💕


Gabriella just sat on my couch and started to cry. What have I done, I could tell deep down she was trapped and she needed to be free from a girl pop star. I sat down next to her, "it's not your fault, she only cared about herself" I said to her. "I have to tell you the truth, I hate it! Being a pop star is so hard!" She told me as she cried. "Gabriella, I know I was always jealous of you I wanted to be what you are that's why I told you off and I could see deep in your eyes you are not happy" I said. "I know I have to keep this up but promise me we will never fight again and we will always be best friends?" Gabriella asked. "I promise, the past is in the past"I replied to Gabriella. She gave me a hug,"where's your sister?" She asked in her room. Gabriella got up and dusted her pink skirt off, she looked cute with white crop top on, what am I saying I can't think of her this way, we only just apologized I'm not into her. "Hi Sandra" Gabriella said to her. I saw my sisters face and her frown turned into a smile. They hugged and Gabriella went to the living room, "I'll tell Porsha everything was cleared up and we don't need the press" Gabriella said, I felt betrayed. I grabbed her wrist, "you used me so you didn't have to look bad?!" I yelled. "No! Porsha wanted to make you look bad and I came here to stop that" Gabriella said to me. I should've known she was a fake. "I'm gonna need time to think if we should really be friends" I said. Gabriella looked into my eyes and I looked into her deep brown eyes and her pink lips pouted. She left my house and that was the last I saw of her.

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