Naomi, she's the girl who's always happy, always brightens up the mood.

Kyle is a bad boy, has 'trouble' written on his forehead.

What happens when the two are destined to be together, mates?

Cover is made by @cassx, she makes amazing covers!!


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Naomi's POV

The rest of the week went by really slowly, school was being crappy as always and I didn't see Kyle for the whole week.

I actually miss him, yup. I don't even know the guy and still I feel, empty?

Today it was Friday, which means family dinner. My both parents work so much that only on Fridays and the weekends we eat together.

I opened the front door to our house. As soon as I had put my jacket away I plugged my phone into the speakers that were in my room, blasting music as I did my homework.

As I had finished the homework, my phone beeped, letting me know I had received a new text message.

- Hi Naomi, tonight will be a special family dinner. Just thought I'd let you know. Love you, mom.

Special family dinner? What for? No one had birthday today.

I shrugged and closed my texts, leaving my phone in the speakers. As 'Close As Strangers' by 5SOS came on I started singing along while I wiped the makeup from my face before jumping into the shower.

Since my mother had texted me about a special family dinner, I thought I'd dress up a bit. It's always fun to dress up. You can't deny it.

As I got out of the shower and had dried myself and my hair, I walked into my closet.

"What to wear?" I asked myself, walking around in only underwear. "Bingo." I spotted my bright yellow skater skirt and took it off the rack, slipping into it.


I looked in the mirror, actually being satisfied with my appearance. I had combined a light jean colored crop top and white high heeled sandals with the yellow skirt. My hair was straightened and I had a small amount of makeup on my face. On top of that, I had white pearls in my ears.

While I was checking my phone the doorbell rang, catching me off guard, giving me a tiny heart attack. I wasn't expecting we'd have guests at a family dinner.

I heard the door open and people greeting each other, sounding happy. I had no idea who was downstairs with my parents, I didn't recognize the voices.

"Naomi, come on down!" My dad called up the stairs, giving me no choice. I sighed and walked downstairs with the phone in my hand. Who knows, I might get bored.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw a beautiful family chitchatting with my parents.

The mother was stunning, her hair was black with brown ombré, it was cut shorter in the back and left longer in the front. Her skin was tanned and as I said, she was stunning.

The father of the family had dark hair and tan skin as well, he was tall and was muscular. Let's say, I don't wanna get on his bad side.

When I looked at the two boys, I saw that they were younger versions of their father. Both of them looked older than me.

"Naomi, this is the family McKinnon, Michael is a old friend of mine." My dad told me, nodding over to the father of the family. I nodded.

"Aaron." The younger guy offered his hand for me to shake when the parents had disappeared into the living room. I ignored his hand and hugged him. "Handshakes are too awkward." I smiled, getting a small chuckle from him, "True." He nodded. "I'm Naomi." I told him smiling. "I'm Sean." The older brother hugged me and I gladly accepted the hug.

Did I mention how hot they are?


A bit into the dinner my dad spoke, the news hitting me in the face, hard.

"Naomi, me and your mother think it's time for you to know that you're adopted. The family McKinnon is your biological family."

I almost chocked on the food I had in my mouth. I couldn't believe it, my whole life has been a lie.

I sat there, not knowing what to say so I dashed up to my room, locking the door behind me. I kicked the heels off and threw myself on my queen sized bed, letting the tears escape from my eyes.

Aaron and Sean are my older brothers and I just thought they're hot. Well, they are, but you know.

I opened my phone to write a new message to Katie and Natasha:

- Guys, SOS, I'm adopted and my biological brothers are smokin' hot!!

The phone made a swooshing sound as I pressed 'send'. I put my phone away when it knocked on the door. "What?" I asked, not caring if I sounded rude. "Naomi please open the door. It's me, Aaron." His voice was filled with sorrow.

I got up and opened the door, revealing Aaron with tears in his eyes, "You okay?" I asked him, embracing him in a hug. He nodded as he gave me a small smile. "What about you?" He asked me, "I've been better." I smiled and closed the door behind him.

"You know, I know exactly how you feel Naomi." Aaron sat down on my bed, "You do?" I raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, I was also adopted. Our parents are very powerful people, they have a lot of enemies, that's why they adopted us to their close friends." Aaron said, his words shocking me somewhat.

"They got me back at the age of 16, and now you at 17." I sat down beside him, crossing my legs. "What about Sean?" He shrugged, but I knew he was about to tell me.

"Sean is their first child, which means he's going to take dad's place when the time is right. We were too small to take care of ourselves and when I was born, they had a really bad situation, and the same was with you I. Or so they told me." Aaron smiled a crooked smile at me, I nodded.

"You know, when I first saw you and Sean when I came downstairs I thought you're really hot." I laughed, Aaron laughing with me. "Well I thought that I need to protect you from all bad guys out there when I first saw you." He chuckled, causing me to blush.

"Do you know what we are?" He asked me after a moment of silence, confusing me. "Humans?" I said but it came out as a question. Aaron shook his head.



First of all I wanna say a big thank you to @cassx for making my new cover, you should really check out her covers, they're amazing!!

Secondly I wanna say that this was kinda an filler chapter, I know it's short and stuff but not all chapters are meant to be long!

Thank you for reading and liking this story so far, I love you.

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