Naomi, she's the girl who's always happy, always brightens up the mood.

Kyle is a bad boy, has 'trouble' written on his forehead.

What happens when the two are destined to be together, mates?

Cover is made by @cassx, she makes amazing covers!!


3. Chapter 2

This is unedited so there may be some spelling mistakes but please cope with me.

Love you all!

Chapter 2

Naomi's POV

Somehow, me and Natasha had finished the school project within only a few hours.

Yey us!

"Awh shit!" I heard Tasha curse from the stairs.

"You alright?" I asked her foe my place on her bed, reading one of her many fashion magazines.

"Yeah.. I just fell in the stairs, thanks to Noel's dirty clothes!" She shouted so Noel would hear her, "Watch where you're going!" He shouted back from downstairs, causing Natasha to roll her eyes. Which made me laugh. And Natasha somehow tripped once again, landing with a big thud, causing me to laugh even more.

"It's not funny!" She pouted, crossing her arms, still sitting on the floor.

"Oh yes, it is funny." I managed to get out in between laughs. Suddenly I no longer felt the bed under me, and I landed on the floor with a thud too, the two of us only laughed even harder.

"What the-" Noel came up the stairs, not looking where he was putting his feet. And soon enough he tripped over his own clothes on the stairs, causing him to fall to the floor with a loud thud too.

Only the sight of Noel on the floor, cursing to himself, made me and Natasha burst out laughing once more.

My stomach aced horribly from laughing as much as I did and tears were falling down my cheeks.

Yeah... We're normal.

When the three of us had calmed down, Noel spoke. "I really really have to do my laundry, don't I?"

"Hey Naomi, should we watch a movie or something before you go home?" Natasha suggested as she stood up, helping me too.

"THE LAST SONG!!!" The two of us shouted in unison, Noel didn't look too happy though over the movie choice, holding his hands over his ears.

"You know, you don't have to join us, Noel." Natasha put her hand to her side, popping out her hip.

"Well I don't have anything else to do so... I guess you're stuck with me tonight, ladies." He swung his arms over our shoulders.

"Ew, get off me!" Natasha pushed his arm off her with a playful smile on her lips. "No." I mouthed to her, but she was already on her way down the stairs, leaving me with Noel.

"Well, then I'll cuddle with Naomi instead and tell her all naughty things you've done when no one is around." He still rested his arm over my shoulders as we walked downstairs.

"Noo!!" I snaked out of his loose grip and ran to find Natasha.

I had known Noel every since me and Natasha were in Kindergarden with Katie, he was literally like a older brother to me.

"I'm going to find both of you!" I heard Noel laugh from the living room.

I was hiding in their kitchen with Natasha when we heard Noel walk in. We sat on the floor behind the kitchen isle, when we saw Noel's foot, we ran off once again like small girls.

Tasha was laughing and she ran out to their garden, I followed closely behind, still having Noel behind me.

I ran to the other side of the pool in their garden, chased by Noel who had a crooked smile plastered on his face. "Noel, no." I was backing away from him as he came closer and closer to me.

"Then I have to throw my sister in first." He smiled and grabbed Natasha by her waist, throwing her into the pool.

"And now my dearest friend, it's your turn." Noel was still smiling as he pushed me into the pool, but I didn't fall in alone. I managed to pull him into the pool as I fell.

"Haha!" Natasha laughed at her bother who looked a bit pissed. Oh well, he's not the only one in this pool fully dressed.

The evening passed quickly, we watched The Last Song and Fast And Furious, Noel's pick. And we had a food fight that literally almost destroyed their family's kitchen, what can I say? We're teenagers loving life. Besides school.

"I'll see you tomorrow Natasha." I embraced her in a hug as I was about to leave, "What about me?" Noel pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. God he and Natasha were alike. "I won't see you tomorrow." I hugged him, "That's so unfair you know." He pouted once more, poor him. Not. "Oh shut up." I pushed him backwards a bit and Tasha slapped his arm. "What was that for?" He looked at her with a hurt expression, clearly acting.


As I had walked for a while, I felt like someone was following me. I rushed my steps, not looking behind me even once.

Suddenly someone grabbed my wrist, holding on tight. I turned around and saw a dude in probably his early twenties, wearing a black hoodie that was covering up his head pretty much. "Let go of me!" I tried to get out of his grip, but it only tightened. I could literally feel a bruise appearing, but I cared the least about it now.

"Let go of me!" I shouted louder this time. "Shut up!" The guy growled, before slapping my cheek. Damn it stung.

He started pulling me over to a car, then the panic hit me. Never in a million years he's going to kidnap me. Never.

I started squirming even more in his grip, shouting for help, hoping someone would hear and care. Suddenly I saw someone walking down the street on the other side. "Help! Help me!" I shouted for my life, I'm not dying anytime soon. Nope. Nuh-uh.

When I saw the person on the other side of the road, make it's way over to us, I felt a wash of relief. The guy that held onto me cursed under his breath, trying once again to get me into his car.

"Stop!" The other person growled, it was a male according to the body frame and the voice. The guy was still trying to get me into his car, not minding the other male's presence. "I said, stop!" The male growled and pulled the guy off me with an inhumane strength. I didn't care, he was helping me, only that mattered to me right now.

I watched the two young men fighting on the dark street. My attacker swung a fist towards the other guy, who easily stopped it. They threw a few punches at each other before the other guy snapped my attackers neck, causing me to freeze on the spot.

When he walked up to me, and the street light hit his face, I recognized him as the guy I had bumped into at school.

"Y-you killed him..." I stuttered, backing away from him. "No, I didn't." He chuckled. Was this guy mental?! He just snapped someones neck, and he now claims he didn't kill the guy.

"I'm Kyle." He smiled at me, dammit he was extremely attractive even though he just had snapped someones neck. Something was wrong with me, really wrong. "I'm Naomi." I awkwardly said, Kyle nodded.

Like out of nowhere, the guy that Kyle had killed, or so I thought, stood up from the ground, holding onto his neck. Wow... He didn't die.

What the hell?!

Kyle noticed the guy also, causing him to growl an inhuman growl, more like a dog or something. Somehow I found it attractive, very attractive.

Okay, I'm not normal.

At all.

The guy quickly jumped into his car and sped away. "Thank you." I looked at Kyle with thankfulness. "You're more than welcome." He smiled at me, that smile warmed and melted my heart at the same time.

I looked down at my phone, seeing that the time was 10:45 pm. "I have to go, thank you once more Kyle." I hugged him quickly before walking away.

Kyle's POV

I watched as Naomi walked away in the dark. Her small frame soon disappearing into the shadows. A growl escaped my lips.


I just want to say thank you all for reading this book so far, I love you.

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