You, You, YOU!

Ta dah! This is my movella for you to say what you want about anything! Fan fictions, my movellas, your movella, somebody elses movella what ever! Just comment down below and watch out for the chapter based on what you said. Could it be simpler? No... So get commenting!


1. Hello!

Hello! This is a movella purely for you and well, you again! You have any ideas? Thoughts? Notes? Then why not say it here!

Yes, this is You, You, YOU! The movella that allows you to let free your thoughts, moans, notes and pretty much anything else.

But there are a few rules... Only a couple so don't complain!

1: Can we not have any rude language? Any form of swearing or inappropriate language will not be tolerated and your comment will not be taken into consideration, and dependant on how bad the word is, any future comments too.

2: Can we all be nice? If someone says something you don't agree with, instead of typing out a flurry of rude and harsh words and then sending it, why not state your view politely?

3: Please remember that I will not reply straight away. I do have a habit of drafting chapters and then forgetting to publish them, so please be patient.

That is all! Please comment your views, thoughts, opinions, notes and ideas below!

(See the next page for examples)

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