One Direction Imagines & Preferences

I do requests! Tell me what boy you'd like and a description of yourself. If you want dirty, please say so in your comment. If you want a certain scenario, please include that in your comment too.


3. What he likes about you

Preference # 1 What he likes about you:

Liam: your smile. He loves the way you smile at him and give him warm feelings he gets from your soft smile

Louis: your jokes. He loves how you can always make him laugh. Whenever he's down, your jokes always brightens his day and makes him happier

Zayn: your personality. He loves how you're always kind and considerate to everyone. He loves your gentle personality and how you always make everyone feel at home

Niall: your lips. He loves your soft pink lips that are always so kissable. Your lips always distract him while you talk. He loves to kiss you

Harry: your eyes. He loves your beautiful eyes. He loves the way they sparkle when your happy and he often gets lost in them.

A/N thanks for all the reads! Remember of you want me to write a story for you, just comment!

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