One Direction Imagines & Preferences

I do requests! Tell me what boy you'd like and a description of yourself. If you want dirty, please say so in your comment. If you want a certain scenario, please include that in your comment too.


4. His Favorite thing to do with you

  Preference # 2  His favorite thing to do with you


  Liam:  He loves to just sit and talk to you. He loves the conversations you'll have about everything and nothing. As long as he's with you, it doesn't matter what you're talking about. It can be a pointless, random, conversation to a serious, deep talk talking about the future and your dreams.

 Louis: He loves the hilarious, jokes you both make. Whenever you're both together, there is bound to be many jokes shared between you two. He loves that he's not the only one to make funny jokes!

 Harry: He loves to cuddle with you. he loves the feeling of you in  his arms. He loves to hold you and protect you. He likes the things you both whisper in each other's ears while in your passionate embrace.

 Zayn: He loves to have tickle fights with you. He thinks it's hilarious making you wriggle and shriek. He loves these tickle fights because he won't stop until you promise to give him a kiss.

 Niall: He loves to watch movies with you. Whenever you guys watch movies together, he gets to hold you close. His favorite movies are horror movies,because then you snuggle up to him and eventually end up sitting on his lap.




A/N: Thanks for all the reads guys! But I've notice that I don't have any comments for requests. :(  Please comment and i'll do a story for you! Love you all, my Lovelies!:)


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