The Chronicles


4. Unwelcomed Company

Chapter 3 - Unwelcomed Company


As the group slept, darkness swept all across Wonderland. What started out as a wonderful world would soon crumble and wilt into a nightmare. The trees slowly died and the animals were nowhere in sight, just as Arthur had noticed while he was out collecting the wood. This death and darkness fell under the evil power that began to rule Wonderland once more. The Mad Queen had been spying on the unwelcomed newcomers. The jackrabbit that Rachel had shot and then released free was really one of the Queens spies. It along with other forced animals under her control had been watching the teens since their presence had become aware. The teens had been taking care of Wonderland and all its wonders and the Queen hated them for all the good they brought upon “her” land. She hated things not going “her way” and had been plotting to rid "her kingdom" free of each teen one by one and sending them to new stories and lands. Splitting them up and giving them loneliness along with the wrath of new villains seemed much more “mad” to her than cutting off each of their heads. Unfortunately, the group of teens weren’t aware of the Queen’s presence. They thought, due to all the good and joy in Wonderland, that the Queen had either died or hadn't existed in the land at all. But what they didn't expect was what was about to come next.

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