The Chronicles


7. Two Down, Eight To Go

Beginning of Part 3

Sorry if its not great either. I rushed to get it done between 10 hrs of school and sports and church and community service. I thought I might as well publish what got done-ish. 


Chapter 6 - Two Down, Eight To Go




I can't explain exactly what I saw, I thought, facing the dark forest. Do I dare? I looked to my right to see how far away the rest of the gang was. No time to catch up. I faced back toward the forest and began to near the brushes. Placing one foot inside the bush, I quietly stepped through. Hmm. I looked around. It’s gone. I began to turn back, when I saw something move at the corner of my eye. "Aha!" It took off running. I followed it close behind. It ran faster. I ran faster. It sprinted ahead and I tried to keep up. Suddenly it stopped, it just stopped. I have to admit I wasn't expecting that. I stared at the mysterious figure and it stared at me. Something didn't feel right. Just then I was ambushed. Both my arms grabbed from the left and the right. Like a tug-o-war I struggled for release. Then my eyes were covered and everything went black.





I couldn't leave Jenny alone but my curiosity took over. I just had to figure out where it was the white rabbit was always in a rush to get to. So of course I followed it. But this time it didn’t run away from me. It was like it wanted me to follow it. It waited for me at every turn and then took off once I eyed it. The rabbit ran into a bush and then was gone. I looked into the bush searching for it. Then stood up and began to climb over. Just then I heard faint struggling and two deep voices mumbling something I couldn't quite make out. I peered ever so slightly over the hedge. Jake! It was Jake! I'm sure of it! He was in trouble. Two giant...Cards! Card Guards I guess. But if there were card guards then......oh no. I hopped over the hedge and followed the three. They dragged Jake into a grass green field, in front of a large...castle! The kingdom of hearts! Suddenly a trumpet was blown and everyone fell in line. Cards and animals lining up on both sides of Jake. "All bow for her majesty the queen of hearts!" Jake moved his head around like he was trying to look. The queen stood before Jake. "Kneel before your queen!" The cards grabbed Jake by the shoulders and forced him down. One kept him down while the other pulled his head back and ripped off the cloth that had covered his eyes. "Oh...boy." Jake murmured under his breath as he took everything in. He looked around and then in front of him, where he kneeled facing the queen. "Why hello." the queen uttered. "Do you know why your here boy?"

 "Because I was kidnapped?" 

The big headed queen chuckled in a wicked tone. "Your here because you are intruders and trespassers to my kingdom."

 "Your kingdom? Listen sico-" 

"SILENCE!!!!! Never speak unless spoken to boy. It's manners." 

"Manners? You call kidnapping a kid good manners? Let me go you two-faced, fat, man-looking crazy lady!" Jake said as he tried to struggle free. 

"You dare disrespect your queen!? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 "Wait wait wait my lady" the sheepish king called "He’s only just a boy. Please oh please could you be a little bit kinder to him oh please." the king pleaded batting his eyes.

 "Oh very well." The queen granted. "You can keep your head, for now. But what I have planned for you will be much worse. Guards!!!! Bring forth the March Hare!"

 The guards marched down the line holding the mad hare by the ears. He twitched and raved singing twinkle twinkle little star. 

"Cease singing that ridiculous tune! Have you the taleskipping potion?"

 The March hare shrieked and chortled uncontrollably as he handed over a small vile filled with a purple liquid.

"Perfect." The queen snarled. "Bring forth the prisoners for testing!" 

Guards marched toward the queen with a trail of chained forest animals. 

"The prisoners your majesty." The guard said bowing. 

"Good, good." she said nodding. "Bring me the Ace!" 

"The Ace your majesty." The seven of hearts said as he dragged a dog by its chain.  

"Come." The queen said walking over to a tree that had been barred off. She took a key from her neck and unlocked the gate. Then she opened the lid of the vile and released one purple droplet into a hole.


"The-the-the rabbit hole my queen?" The guard stuttered. "Of course you fool! Now release the dog." The three of hearts bent down and released the dog from its chains. Ace walked over to the queen with his head down and his tail between his legs. Once the dog was close enough to the hole the queen raised her foot and kicked him in. The dog barked for help as it fell into the hole, then there was nothing but silence. The dog was gone, vanished, disappeared, maybe dead. I looked back at the other imprisoned animals; Their faces were pale and scared. Some stood their shaking, while the others tried to comfort their young.


This is what the white rabbit wanted me to see. This is where all the animals had gone. The queen must have been controlling each one to make sure they did exactly what she wanted, even if that included threating the lives of their families. But the hole and the liquid. What did it mean where did it go? Whatever happened to that dog would happen to Jake. I couldn’t let that happen but I also didn’t know how to stop it. I was never trained for this. And there wouldn’t be enough time to get help. I was clueless. 

"Bring me the boy!" The queen roared. Jake was dragged towards the hole. "You know what to do. Take care of this." she commanded to the guard, as she sat upon her throne and watched. "I love a good execution."

 "Uh...let’s see here" the guard thought. He took the vile and poured more than enough in. "That should do the trick." he said.

 The hole grew bright and began to spin.

 "Finish him!!" The red queen squalled sitting on the edge of her chair. The guards undid his chains and pushed him in.

"Nooo!" I yelled without thinking about what I was doing. I sprinted after him. I thought I could make it with enough time to grab him before he was gone for good. 

"Guards!!!!! Close the gate!!!" Guards raced towards the rabbit hole and towards me. 

"Stop that girl you fools! Bring her to me!" 

They shut the gate just after I had dived inside.


"Off with her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the queen exclaimed. 

That was the last thing I heard as I fell into the hole and everything went white.

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