The Chronicles


2. Hunting in Wonderland

Part 1

Chapter 1 - Hunting in Wonderland

*Leaves crunch beneath slowly moving feet*

*An arrow is shot and strikes a tree nearly 200 feet away, just missing a deer*

(Hint to the Reader: Whenever you see a Person’s Name before the new chapter of the story, it’s from the character’s point of view)



"Missed again!" said a voice walking out from the depth of the trees.

"Haha, don't worry you'll get it next time." I said, hopping down from the tree branch. 

"That’s what you said last time" laughed Jenny, now out of the forest shadows. "Think you can do better?"

I smiled "Is that a challenge?" Jenny laughed "One arrow." she said holding an arrow in her hand, "hit something alive with a single shot and you can have my bow. Deal?" I stared at Jenny for a brief moment, took the arrow from her hand, grabbed her bow, turned around quickly and shot a large jackrabbit nearly 100 feet away. I turned back to Jenny and with a smirk and agreed, "Deal."

Of course I knew I could hit something, I mean I had been sitting on that tree branch watching her try over and over and over again to kill something. Jenny was shocked that I hit my target on the first try. I thought it was kinda funny to be honest.

"How...but...what!" stuttered Jenny. "Psh try hitting a deer and then let me know." We walked toward the rabbit. I bent down and gently pulled out the arrow from its fur. "Just a scratch, you should be fine in no time!" I said to the rabbit as I released it. (The way I aimed my arrow was to hit the skin enough to keep the rabbit still, but not enough to hurt it) "Your letting it go!" Jenny exclaimed. "But we could have kept it and killed it!" I looked up "Jenny," I laughed," you said hit a living never said anything about killing it." Jenny squinted her eyes, "Still..." I handed the arrow back to Jenny and said, "Keep the bow. Call it a day? Wanna head back to the others?" Jenny replied as we walked out of the forest, "Ya I guess, wouldn’t it have been cool if we brought back an elephant or a lion or something!"  

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