Good va bad

Good vs bad are a YouTube punk rock band what happens when they get ask to go on tour with 5 SOS and one direction
Some swearing


1. the email

Elle was checking her email when one caught her eye. It said

Would you like to your with 5sos

So she rang the drummer Christian, lead guitarist Michael , the bass player jack to tell them the news. (Elle is the only girl and lead singer and rhythm guitarist) when she was finish she emailed back saying they would love too. The person instantly replied back saying the tour would start in 1 week. So she text the band to come over to make a YouTube video about the tour

During the video:

Hey up guys welcome to anther update video. We have got some good news Christian would like to say it " we are going on tour with 5sos" . "So guys in one week we are going to be touring around the world with 5sos".

After the video:

" CHRISTIAN" I yell " what" he said back because we were in the same room " I'm hungry" I said " we have to wait for Michael " jack replied we were going to nandos with other youtubers Marcus, Alfie, Zoe, joe, jim, Tanya, Dan, phill and Louise

We were travelling in the car listening to black veil brides. When I suddenly my phone started to ring it read MAD MAN CC " hey cc" i said " hey Elle" he said mocking me " don't mock me" I snapped "what you doing" he ask " driving to nandos and listening to you guys "cool got to go now bye" cc said sadly "okay bye" I sang and I hung up

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