Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


5. The Bedroom

My fuck buddy was back. I invited him to come and hang out at my new house. It was just so long since I had any. He came in and sat next to me on the coach. He moved my hand onto his shorts. Not wasting anytime at all. He then took me by the waist and took my bottoms off. With my bottom facing him he put his shaft under my tight opening and pushed down on my hips. I could feel the pressure inside me, it felt so good. I wanted more. Slowly I started to move up and down on him, his hands were on my waist helping him go deeper into my wetness. Grabbing my ass in handfuls and slapping it making it sting and making me moan. I pushed harder and faster on him. He moved his hands towards my very sensitive breasts. He pinched my nipple making me moan loudly. I turned to him and asked him if he wanted to go to the bedroom. Getting off him I walked while taking my clothes off walking to my bedroom.

Waiting for him on my bed naked I thought of all the naughty things he would and could do to me. I just wanted him to fill me with his length and give me pleasure. I looked at the doorway and saw that he also had his clothes off and was walking towards me. Seeing his hardness made me so wet. Kneeling on the bed he bent forward and took my legs spreading them open. Putting his head between them he leaned in and put his mouth on my clit. With contact, my head pushed back against the pillow and I moaned with pleasure loudly and grabbed the sheets under me. He sucked on my clit hard making the deep pleasure inside me grow with each move of his tongue on me. I wanted more I needed him inside me but I also didn't want him to stop with his tongue work on my sweet spot. After sweet moving of his tongue I felt the best pleasure surge through my entire body. Without thinking my hands went for his head keeping there while I reached my pleasure limit.

Finally coming down from the sweet place of pleasure he pulled me under his body and pushed deep inside me. Pumping inside my tight spot I clawed his back trying to make him go deeper and faster inside me. I needed him as deep as he could get. I need the pleasure he could fill me with. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside me. After not being as close as I could get to him he pulled out of me and moved on my stomach. He then lifted my hips up and pushed inside me. Now this was better he was so close and deep inside me that within minutes I was coming hard against him. What made it even better he kept going inside me. Making me cum again and again. After I came 3 times and ripping the sheets under my hands and biting the pillow, he came inside me pushing in me slowly with each pump from his dick. I laid there on the bed sweating with desire only he could have made me do. He was laying on his back next to me. Looking over at him he was smiling at me with his hands behind his head relaxing. I knew how I could make him even more relaxed than that. Sitting up I moved on top of him and crawled down below his waist. He wasn't as hard as he was earlier but it was getting harder with every move I made it. Taking my hand I took his shaft in my hand and moving it up and down slowly making him hard in my hand. I could hear him moan above me. When he was as hard as I could get him I bent my head down and slowly moved it into my mouth tightening it around him. Moving my head up and down on him squeezing it with my lips and pushing it with my tongue I was making him harder and I could hear him moaning. His hands were in my hair now pulling gently pushing my head up and down on himself. I could taste his saltiness on my tongue. I felt him pushed inside my mouth and my mouth was filled with him. Sitting up I moved over his waist and straddled him and put my head on his chest looking up at him. His hands went to my back rubbing it gently. It was the best sex I had ever had.

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