Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


3. step sister

She looked so innocent in the kitchen with just her cheeky undies, and her tank top on and no bra. I would love to just grab her and just take her right here in the kitchen but of course her father was sitting right across from me. I needed her legs around me.

"So what are you two up to today?" Her father asked us while he ws reading the newspaper.

"Well I think I might go and wonder into new teritory while hiking." I looked at my step sister and saw she was bending down the get something out of the cabinet. I couldn't help but get a slight bulge while looking at her, she turned me on so bad. Her father was done with reading his paper and stood up. I was nervous to stand up also because of what his daughter had done to me. But he went to his daughter and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and moved to me and shook my hand.

"I'll see you for dinner tonight, your mother should be home by then from her trip. Love you both and good day." He left and went out to his car.

"What are you making sis?" I loved watching her cook especially with her tank top and undies. I leaned over the table, and looked at her butt in the air, and how cheeky the under wear was for her beautiful plump cheeks. My bulge was getting bigger I could almost touch the table with it now. I stood up while she was still bending over, and walked up behind her. My sweatpants her stretching from my bulge. Leaning against the kitchen top, I lightly touched her butt, rubbing it in circles. 

"Well if you stop touching my butt I was making breakfast." She pulled my hand from her butt, and stood up bringing up a pan. Her nipples were showing through her shirt.

"Maybe you shouldn't wear something like that in the kitchen if you don't want me to touch you." I winked at her when she turned to scowl at me. Her eye's traveled down to my bulge in my pants and her eye's widened.

"Are you happy to see me?"she asked jokingly. I winked at her again while she turned her back to me again showing her cute little cheek's again.

"Why yes I am glad to see you, but I wish I could see more of you." Grabbing her waist I brought her in front of me and rubbed her waist while she put her hands on my bare chest. 

"You know we can't do this." She whispered as her face go closer to mine. I grabbed her face between my hand's pulled her face all the way in, and kissed her. She moved her hands from my chest and one went up to my hair and laced her finger's in it. The other went on my bulge where she gentle started to rub it. I moaned against her mouth, I moved my own hands down to her cheeks and grabbed them hard pulling her hips against me. Grinding her against my bulge, and moved and pushed against the kitchen top. I pulled her up and sat her on to, slowly moving the straps of her tank top down and pulled each of her beautiful breasts out of the tank top. We were still kissing and she was still rubbing me gently. Breaking the kiss, I moved my mouth on to her  breast and softly suckled them, each one after the other. I heard the moan, she now had both her hands in my hair. She pulled my hair a little and I accidentally bit down on her nip, but she moaned so I did it on purpose again. She pulled my shoulder's to get me closer to her, and used her legs to get my bulge closer to her. Keeping my hands rubbing her nipples, I moved to her neck and then back to her mouth. She moved her hips up against my bulge making her heat between her legs melt against me. I could feel the wetness between her legs. She was melting against me, I moved one of my hands from her breast and between her legs, and under her underwear. She scratched my back, and I slowly rubbed circles on her clit. Her nails were now digging into my back.

"John I need you right now, before I burst." She pushed my  sweats down and pulled my shaft out and wrapped her sweet little finger's around it rubbing it up and down. She was making me moan, I kept rubbing her clit slowly, she herself was moaning also. But I couldn't keep my hand on her breast, putting it on the kitchen top to keep me up against her.

"Please put it in me."She pleaded against me. Her lips were on my neck kissing slowly down, she still had my shaft in her hand. I kept rubbing between her legs while she kept getting lower and lower. Finally she reached my shaft and put her mouth around it, she got off the top and kneeled down in front of me. Her head bobbed up down on my shaft, I could feel myself about to cum. I had both my hands on the kitchen top. 

"Oh ellie. Your about to make me cum" I whispered. I moaned loudly and stopped at the last minute and let me cum on her breasts.

"Oh ellie, we should go some where more comfortable." I pulled her up from the ground, and pulled her tank top off and put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her body against mine. Wrapping her legs around me, I walked out of the kitchen while slipping my sweats off. I made it all the way to the couch, and leaned on top of her on the couch. 

" Put your cock inside me please." She pulled my shoulders and pulled my body against her's, making my shaft hit her between the legs. I rubbed her slowly between the legs with my shaft moving up and down against her.

"OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh John! Please!" She rubbed her hand on my shaft, and kept rubbing it. I couldn't stand it any longer I ripped her underwear off her and slowly pushed my hard cock inside her soft walls. We both moaned, at first I went slowly in and out, and then it I went faster making the couch move a little bit.

"John yes, I love you inside me. Harder! Harder!" She dug her nails into my back, I put my hands on the couch and used it for leverage and pushed deeper inside her. The walls inside her were getting tighter, and I could feel the raw poor I could feel was about to come out. We were about to both cum at the same time. 

"John!" She screamed my name while she cam.

"Ellie, my beautiful girl!" I cam inside her and I felt the hot liquid come out of from between her legs. But I kept going and I wanted to make her cum again. I pulled her into my lap and bounced her up and down on my lap. She soon was getting tight around my shaft again. 

"Oh my gosh John make me cum!" She screamed pulling my hair, I moved my mouth against her breast's and sucked gently on them. She was getting tighter, I myself was getting full. I could feel sweat on my forhead, but I kept going. We were both getting hot. 

"John yes!!!" She screamed and pulled my face closer to her body and I pushed her hard against me and I cam inside her again while biting her nipple. She moaned again and she slumped against my naked body, her breathing was heavy and so was mine. Rubbing her back and kissing her neck, we just sat there.

"This was a good thing to do to start off the day." My shaft was still inside her, I could feel us pulsing against each other. 

"I like you inside me John." She whispered and she kissed me making her tongue meet mine. She began bouncing on me again, here goes some more fun sex with my step sister.

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