Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


1. on my way to tutoring

I only new this girl for a little while, she was my tutor. She has been getting a little bit more intimate lately. She would invite me

To her house and she would wear revealing clothing while tutoring me. Which don't get me wrong I liked it and all but I just can't because she older than me by 3 years. But I don't think she cared.

One afternoon, coming home from and on my way to her house walking she stopped her car next to me.

"Wanna ride sweety?" Turning toward.

"Yeah, why not." I put my bag on the floor, and I sat down in the passenger seat. She started driving towards her house, when I looked at what she was wearing it wasn't much. She had on some short active wear shorts with a sport bra on top, but it didn't really hold her breast very well because I could see nipple. She had her legs spread out driving, one hand on the stearing wheel and the other on her leg. I felt I was getting hard. So trying to cover it up I took my hoodie off and put it in my lap. She noticed what I did and smiled. I just decided to look out the window, this helped my hardness go a little soft. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hand move. I felt her hand on mine, and held my breath.

" why don't you have a girl friend?" She looked me and back to the road. She was making little circles on my hand.

"I-I don't know." I choked out, her hand moving was getting closer to my leg, which was making me harder. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breathe.

"Well, your really handsome." Turning to me and winking. I felt pressure on my pants, and looked down her hand was under my jacket, on my rod. Surprised I looked at her, she was smiling but still driving. I looked back down, and couldn't believe it. She started rubbing on it slowly, making it completely hard. It felt so good. I felt a slight breeze, she had unzipped my pants and pulled it out. Taking a hold of it, she rubbed it up and down, feeling so I moaned. I held her arm so she wouldn't stop. I looked at her she was smiling, her hand was going faster. I got closer to her sinking down into the chair, throwing off my jacket to watch.

"You like that?" She looked at me, she rubbed faster. I felt the bursting pleasure, I came hard, getting it on her hand. I was scared she would be mad, but she wasn't putting her hand up to her mouth and licking it off her hand making me hard again.

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