Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


11. Looking in the Library

I was in the library looking for my literature book when I saw her. She was beautiful, I can't help myself. I wanted her for myself but she was married and had kids. Looking around the corner of the shelves so I could maybe find her alone and talk to her. After going around the last and most discrete part of the library I finally found her putting some of the books back up on the shelf. Today she was wearing the sexiest tight red dress. When she reached up to put one of the books up on the top shelf her dress went up showing the bottom part of her ass. She wiped around and looked at me, I smiled at her. She didn't smile at first but she didn't look as tensed anymore.

"Hey." I whispered. She just began putting the books on the shelf again. I moved closer to her and leaned against the bookshelf where she was.

"Hello, what are you doing in the library so late today?" Asking me  and continuing to put the books up. Now that I was so close I could see her perfect breasts straining to get out of the tight dress of hers. I would love to help her out of the dress and on to me. But I was going to wait.

"Well I was looking for my literature book. But I think I found something even better?" Looking her up and down. She glanced at me and saw me looking her up and down. I smiled at her and leaned closer to her. She smirked but didn't do anything else. I can't take it anymore, turning her around to face me with her back to the bookshelf I kissed her and pinned her hands above her head. Pushing her against the shelf with my hips. Moving my lips against hers she didn't kiss me back. But I wasn't going to give up yet. Keeping her hands pinned above her and I put my hand against her thigh and slide it down to the back of her knee pulling it up to my hip. Moving my hips in closer to her and rubbing her hard. When she moaned I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and intertwining our tongues together. This time she started kissing me back. She pulled her head back away from me.

"What are you doing?" Asking me angrily and trying to move me away from her sweet spot.

"Well I'm just helping you." Smirking, and moving my hand from the back of her knee and down behind her thigh and between her legs.

"Don't do that." She whispered with heavy lustful eyes looking at me.

"Why not doesn't it feel good?" I put my fingers against her panties which were starting to get soaked. I began rubbing her slowly, and kissing her neck.

"You shouldn't be doing this." She sounded breathless. Now I should make my move.

"I think this is the best idea." Unpinning her arms above her and grabbing her other leg and wrapping her legs around me. I walked us to the closest table which was still secluded. Sitting her down on the edge and kneeling down in front of her with each leg on either side of me. Looking up at her I slide my fingers behind her wet panties and went into her folds and rubbed her swollen clit. Laying down the table she gave me more room for me to give her pleasure. Moving closer to her and moving her panties away and sticking my tongue between her folds and moving it up and down.  I could hear her moaning, it was giving me courage to continue. Doing it more quickly and putting in two fingers. I started pumping my finger inside her. Her hands were in my hair pulling and her legs squeezing me. Still pumping and licking her juicy pussy I could feel her squeezing my fingers. I know she's about to cum now. Then it happened.

"YES! OH MY GOD! I'M GOING TO CUM! KEEP GOING!" Lifting off the table and looking down at me, I made eye contact with her and did it the hardest I could and winked at her. She then fell apart on the table. Laying back down the table and breathing heavy.

"You Taste fantastic." Standing up and leaning over her on the table.

"Oh my god that was so good." She whispered and was panting.

"Want some more?" I asked against her ear. She wined against me and pulled me against her. I was having the worst hard on ever. It was starting to hurt because I wanted to fuck her so much.

"YES." Fully up now I unbuttoned my pants and slide my hand in my boxers and pulled my dick out. She was staring at me with pleasure and ecstasy.

"Ready?" Putting myself at her entrance.

"Don't worry about hurting me I've down this before." She winked and used her legs to pull me in. I slide in so easily. But she was still as tight as a teenager.

"Don't forget to go hard and fast." She told me. Looking at her I took a hold of her hips and started at it. Going fast and hard you could hear us smacking against each other. Then her screams of pleasure started with the sexual music. But I just kept at it and was biting my lip. I was getting so hard I could feel the build up at the tip. Hitting her spot was making her tighter and tighter with each motion of my hips.

"Keep going." She told me. Leaning up she grabbing my face and started kissing me. She took my mind off fucking her for just a moment but then I was back between her sweet tight legs.

"YES!!" Her head was on my shoulder and hands on my back scratching it. I felt her release against me, and I was down right after her. We were both breathing hard and holding each other up.

"That was fun." She whispered. I was still inside her, and she pulled her self off me and crawled off the table. Standing next to with my dick still out she put her hand around it  and bent down and licked off all the cum from around it. I was getting hard again.  Standing up again she whispered into my ear.

"You taste so good. I need to give you some time next time." Her hand went down and cupped my balls and rubbed them gently.

"Next Time?" I was worried she would tell someone.

"Of course. I want this mind blowing sex again." She winked and began shelving books again. Tucking myself back into my pants I wasn't staying to look for my book. Going home to plan the next time to fuck her.

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