When the World Falls to Movellians

In which the characters are created by you. :) This is a side-story to When the World Falls to Darkness, but you create the characters in this one instead. Fill in a form, and I'll write a story about them. Enjoy! :D


1. How this whole thing works and character forms and all that sort of stuff that you probably don't need to know but that I'm writing anyway muahahahahahahaaaaa *choking-on-my-own-evil-laugh*

So... (This will be kinda long, sorry! D:).

Hi. Let's get this started. And try to stick with me for the introduction. :D


You've probably read When the World Falls to Darkness (WTWFTD) if you're here. You probably also like it enough (YAY THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO'S READ IT YOU'RE ALL AWESOME AND DON'T LET ANYBODY TELL YOU YOU'RE NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE!) to actually want a character. Or at least you maybe know what it is. But if you don't: 'When the World Falls to Darkness' is my fantasy movella, and there have been lots of (VERY VERY VERY AWESOME) people reading it, and the comments are so uplifting I've made this so you can all put characters in and join Avalon and friends (and they, to those who didn't know, are my characters).

But first:




The serious part in which I thank you all for being awesome.

I am honestly so grateful to everybody who has liked, favourited or commented on WTWFTD. If you've even read it, then thank you. It's really uplifting (and seriously-impossible-to-describe-in-words) that people like my work, and even more so when people put positive comments on. Anybody who has given me CC, or even just one suggestion for improvement, then I love you guys as well. Feedback is so helpful to me! :D So to repay you all for your awesomeness, I've made this. Now, allow me to explain how it works...




How this is going to work:

Alright, so... You guys will have a character form to fill in, which I'll put below. This form will also be explained below. You fill it in, and I'll put your character into the story. Some people might get their characters appearing more often, and these are the people who have commented lots. Commenting lots makes me feel very happy (yay!) so therefore your character will appear more, if only slightly. And Wolfheart's will probably appear the most often, since she puts up with me in real life going on about WTWFTD.

You might be wondering how exactly this is going to fit in with WTWFTD. You might not have read very far into WTWFTD, in which case you might be confused at parts. But anyways, this will fit in, like a side story, of sorts. So wonder no longer, because it's all worked out in my head, and it will fit in with the main story. Yay. Worry not, dear readers. It will all be fine. However...



Some quick warnings and notices you may like to be aware of (please read this part since it's extra important):

A WARNING - This will most likely spoil WTWFTD for you if you haven't read it or if you read new updates for this one before WTWFTD. So please, if you don't like spoilers, read the other one first. Else it will be spoiled. In fact, if you haven't read up to chapter 7, Unleashed, of WTWFTD, the character forms in themselves will spoil it.

A NOTICE - Also, I am sorry if I don't get your character right. Just let me know and I'll try to change it, as long as it's changeable and won't affect everything else going on in that chapter. For example: If I write their hair colour wrong, I'll change it. If they are not clumsy, but I write them knocking over a vase that brings on a mini-apocalypse that the whole chapter revolves around, I probably won't. 

A NOTICE - This won't have regular updates. Sorry... :( But I'll be writing WTWFTD more often, though. :D

A NOTICE - Please tell me if I've confused you. I think I've probably confused myself, at parts of this. :/




Now I finally get on to this part...

The character forms (which will contain spoilers for chapter 7 of WTWFTD!):

Alright, so... (here comes the spoiler part) If you've read up to chapter 7, you will know about the Guardians, and the fact that some of my characters are, yes, Guardians. If not, allow me to explain:

Guardians are creatures in my fantasy realm with two different forms: a humanoid form and a mythical kind of form. They can transform freely between the two, and their mythical form can be a dragon, winged wolf, anything really... (even a shapeshifter, muahahahahaha). Their human form will have a slight tinge of colour, for example blue, to their skin. I have now explained the Guardians.

You fill in two character forms: one for the Guardian and one for the 'Alpha Race'. Be as detailed as you like, but be aware that the more detailed you are, the better I'll be able to capture your character. Yay. Here are the forms:



Alpha Race character:

Race: (Angel/Human/Dwarf/Elf) Please no cross-races! That won't really make sense considering the war between races! :) :) And if you have an elf, please tell me which army they're from: the Dawnbringers (dwarves, humans and most elves: want to remove angels from the Alpha races and enslave them) or the Alliance (angels and some elves: want to stop the Dawnbringers from enslaving angels)

Name: (Generally for WTWFTD the characters have names depending on their race such as the elves having Japanese names, but for this, it doesn't really matter)

Gender: (Self explanatory)

Appearance: (Eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, height... Any other stuff you might want me to know... And wing colour for angels! :D)

What they wear: (Optional, but if you do want to do this part, please remember that this is a fantasy world so they probably won't be wearing a spacesuit or something)

Personality: (Say what you want, and be as detailed as you like)

Weapons: (Not enchanted/magic, please! :D)

Battle style: (Optional, but say maybe whether they're quick and nimble or big and muscle-clad? Or if they're an assassin or something?)

Anything else: (Self explanatory)



Guardian character:

Type: (e.g. dragon, giant winged panther, phoenix. No shapeshifters, though, as (SPOILERS!) Lukas is the only one. :(  )

Name: (Self explanatory)

Gender: (Self explanatory)

Mythical creature appearance: (e.g size, colour, markings, as much as you want to say)

Humanoid appearance: (Eye colour, hair colour, height... The tinge of colour to their skin will be dependant on the other form's colour. For example, a red dragon will have a red tinge to their skin in humanoid form)

Personality: (again, as detailed as you like)

Powers they have in their mythical form: (e.g. fire for a fire-breathing dragon, darkness for a giant black wolf that controls dark energy)

Anything else: (Self explanatory)


Relation between Guardian and Alpha Race characters: (Do they love each other? Brotherly bond? You decide! :D)

How they met: (Please don't write a really complicated backstory. Just a simple one, please! It will be really confusing to have too many confusing backstories! :( Sorry.)

Anything else concerning them both: (Self explanatory)






Thanks for reading all that! But now you get to sit back and I'll write a story with all your characters! :D

Sorry if your characters come up just a few times. It depends on how many people put them in, and, as I've said, those of you who have supported me a lot more will get their characters appearing more often. :D

And at the start of each chapter, I'll put in which chapter of WTWFTD it goes with, and which characters will be appearing.


Thank you for putting up with my rambling. :D

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