Life is worth it - Connor Franta fanfic

Connor Franta fanfic. Hard to explain.


3. The lost. And the love

I woke up by hearing a few birds singing outside. I open my eyes. Look around. I am laying in Connor's bed. His room. Everything. Right in front of me. I can see he's packing some stuff, is he moving or something? never mind. I don't really care about that right now. I hear the door open. I get a mini heart attack. It's just Connor. He says with a nice voice "good morning sweetheart". I smile at him. He has some breakfast in his hands. He place it on the bed I front of me. "Is that for me?" I ask. "Yes. All of it" he says. "thanks you". "So how are you feeling today?" He ask. "Good. But. Why am I here?" I answar. "First. What your name?" Connor ask. "I'm Sonya" 

"there's something you need to know Sonya. I called the police to find out where you belong. your parents there where with a flight last's so hard for me to say this. Your parents aren't here anymore. The plane crashed. That's why you're here."

i can't help but crying. I cry. I cry so loud. Connor slowly hugs me. "I'm so so sorry" I just cry at his shoulder for 1 hour until I sit up again. Removing the tears from my checks. "I need you, Connor. Don't you dare leaving me." "I'll never. I promise" he answers. Then I start crying again.

After some hours I'm okay. Not okay. But I don't cry anymore. I think I just needed a good cry.

Connor fell asleep while hugging me. He is so cute. I love him. I think I'm in love.

i wake him slowly. "Connor. I'm ready to get out of bed. I'm fine. I need some air. Where are all the other boys? Connor please." He open his eyes. "You're so cute. Let's go to Starbucks and get a coffee. The other boys are right upstairs. We can all go get a Starbucks and some food."

I hug him. Then run upstairs. Kian and Ricky are filming a video. I look at them. Then start crying again. I remove the tears quickly. "Hi." I say. "Are you okay?" Ricky ask. "Not okay, really. But it's nothing you guys have to worry about, I'll be fine." They both smile at me and then continue their video.

After getting a delicious Starbucks and good food, with everyone from o2l, I now sit in Connor's room. We just talk. About life. He've had a lot of trouble in his private life too and we just talk it out. After talking a lot it's already 11:56 pm and I'm tired. We decide to go to bed early. I lay in his bed. There aren't space for both of us so he's sleeping on the floor. He sit next to me while I fall asleep. "You're a sweet girl. How old are you?" He ask. "18" I answer. He smile. And slowly lean in to hug me. I think. Instead I feel his lips on mine. He kissed me. "Goodnight Sonya, beautiful." He says. "Goodnight Connor. Love you" I aswar.

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