I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


15. The Tour (One Direction)

.....louis was so excited about the tour because for the first time he was bringing mira his inspiration and his love of his life.harry didn't bring taylor because taylor is very busy to her up coming tour.only two days before the one direction tour coming.mira can't decide to wear.she has to go shopping.she wants to look beautiful in louis sight.she really love louis now.she can't live without louis at her side.she wish she see louis everday but she need to focus on her study and graduate to the course she persuing.louis is planning to give something to mira because the day of their tour is exactly their one year anniversary.yes it's been one year when mira said yes to louis and in a couple of days it's harry and taylor's is anniversary too.mira buy some casual dress and gift for louis.she buy personalize t-shirts like this "SHE'S MY GIRL and HE'S MY GUY".

                                                                        this is mira's gift to louis


Mira's POV

....i should call louis what time he pick me up on saturday.i dail the number of louis and it's ringing."hello baby" louis said."hi honey i forgot to ask what time do you pick me up here on saturday?" i ask."oh i can't pick you up but instead you go with your brother" louis said."okay honey, what are you doing right now?" i ask again."i'm thinking of you baby" louis said."oh stop that honey you made my face turns to red" i said."but that's true" louis said."i'm excited to see you honey whule singing in the stage" i said."me too baby because your actually there watching me" louis said."okay need to go" i said."okay baby see you within two days" louis said."okay honey, bye, i love you" i said."i love you more baby" louis said.then i hung up my phone and continue read my notes.louis didn't pick me from school because his busy practicing their songs.my brother too won't able to go home because of that.he will go home on friday night to    get some clothes and saturday night like louis said i go with my brother.just can't wait to see louis.i miss him already.


Harry's POV

.....saturday mira will get ride on my car.i miss her.thanks to my mate (louis) i'm able to see mira's dress before she go on the tour with my mate (louis).i'm excited.but we need to perfect our rehearsal for our tour.i wish saturday is come.what will mira wear to our tour?i can't wait to see her."hey mate are you sure your not gonna pick up mira?" i ask louis."yes need to prepare my things" louis answer."okay" i said."thanks mate" louis said."wait how about taylor?" louis ask."she's not coming because she is so busy in her up coming tour" i said."okay but in few days your anniversary will come right?' louis ask again.then we go again the studio to rehearse our songs in our up coming tour this saturday.


....finally the day that harry's been waiting for is come.he is already pack mira as well.he promise to his parents that he watch over mira.when he called mira.hes shock because mira is so beautiful.with her dress and hair curl and some light make on her face.the dress fits perfectly to mira.

                                                                this is mira's wearing during the concert

Mira's POV

....."brother do you think louis will love this dress?" i ask."of course mira your so beautiful" harry said."thank you brother" i said."where's my luggage?" i ask again."i put in my car" harry answer."thanks again" i said."you should go maybe the bus will be waiting for you" mom said."harold your promise don't break it okay" dad remimded my brother."yes dad don't worry" harry said."thanks son" dad said."now go, take care of your youngest sister harold" mom said."yeah i know mom" harry said.then we go outside and get in my car.we i start the car's engine.i see mira looking at her phone."wait brother i take us selfie" i said."okay" harry said."say love" i said."love" harry said.then mira click the center of her phone and took us picture."look brother it's beautiful i put in us my wallpaper" i said."okay can you send it to me and make it my wallpaper too" harry ask."of course my brother" i said.then i send it to my brother and like me our picture is in his wallpaper in his phone.then i hear my phone rung."hello honey" i said."hi baby happy first anniversary and i love you" louis said."happy first anniversary too honey, i love you too' i said."where are you now?" louis ask."were going there" i answer."okay can't wait to see you baby" louis said.'me too honey i miss you" i said."okay see you in a bit, bye"louis said."okay bye honey" i said then hung up my phone."you seem so happy mira" harry ask."of course brother i love louis very much" i answer."i'm hurt because i know mira truly love my mate (louis)" harry saying in his mind."brother are you okay?" i ask."yes mira" harry answer."how about you and taylor your celebrating your anniversary too right?' i ask again."yeah in a few days" harry replied."okay are we there yet?"i ask."just wait okay" harry answer.then i see their bus.my brother open the door for me i go down.i see zayn,niall and liam.but i don't see louis.where is louis?i ask myself.all the boys was shock and looking at me."hey why are you loo-----?" louis ask but didn't complete his sentence."hey back off that's my girl" louis said and coming into my way."hi honey" i said and kiss him."hi baby your so beautiful tonight" louis said."i have a girt for you but first i need you to close your eyes" i said.'okay baby" louis said.i get my gift to him and wear my t-shirts too."now open it honey" i said."wow it's beautiful baby" louis said."thanks i hope you like the design i pick" i said."i like it baby, i'm gonna wear it later on my concert" louis said.'my gift for you is later it's a surprise for you" louis said."okay honey" i said.then he took me to the bus and to bunk were we going to sleep.then suddenly the bus is moving were now going to their destination.their tour is in the Chicago.i'm excited to see louis singing in the stage.it's my first time to see him live.can't wait.


....Chicago is not far from UK.but everyone decide to go to sleep.but louis and mira stay in the chair and watching tv.but in the middle of the movie mira fall asleep in louis shoulder.instead of carrying mira he decide to put mira on the couch and get some blanket to cover mira's body because it's cold.then he sleep in the chair.


....sorry guys i know this the tour part but not the concert.i promise in my next chapter is the real concert.and what is louis is surprise for me mira?just find out.thanks.sorry for the delay i've been busy in this past few days.....love you.godbless us all



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