I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


9. The Recovery

....after mira see that his brother's hand is moving she tell it immediately to her mom and dad.his dad call the doctor and the doctor check on his brother.the doctor it's a good sign because harry responding to what are they doing.the doctor said to continue what they doing maybe in less than a minute or maybe the next day harry would probably awake.mira's mom relief at least they know all their hard work have a result and it's a good news.


Harry's POV

...i can hear all their voices.especially mira's voice she has the sweetest voice i had ever heard.it's like an angel that singing in my ear.how long i have been sleeping and this situation?why all my mates is here?then suddenly i open my eyes and see in front of me is the beautiful face of mira."mom brother is awake" mira tell my mom."oh son thank god yur awake" mom said."call the doctor quick honey" mom said to dad."okay" dad answer."mom can somebody tell me what's happening?" i ask."brother your sleeping in almost one week now" mira said."what?how long?but why?" i ask."remember we bump into another car while were going in my school" mira said."yeah i remember now.that _____would probably punch him for driving reckless" i said."oh your back my brother,don't ever leave us again okay" mira said in a tear-eyed."don't cry mira i'm okay now" i said.then mira hug me."mira you can let me go now i can't breathe" i said panting."i'm sorry i really miss you brother" mira said.what are you doing this mira?my love for is growing and growing.then i see my mom looking at us."mom i'm hungry" i said."okay i get some food" mom said."thank you mom" i said."want do you want?" mom ask."mom can buy my brother some fruits" mira ask."okay mira but please be careful" mom said."of course mom and i call your mates" mira said."what?" i said."it's okay son they all ready know about your sister" mom said."and what their reaction?" i ask."at first they all shock but then their shake hands at your sister" mom said."okay" i said." i go now okay" mora said."okay hurry mira and take care" i said."i will" mira said.when mira is gone mom asking me something."harry tell me the truth, are you having feeling to your sister?" mom ask."mom no she's my sister why can i love her" i said.but that's a big lie."oh okay i'm relief now" mom said."you take some rest so when your sister get back your going to eat" mom said."okay" i said.


Mira"s POV

...i'm calling louis and tell him that my brother is awake.(dialiang of the number of loius.it's ringing)."hello is this louis?" i ask."yes speaking, who's this?" loius ask too."oh i'm silly by the way mira harry's youngest sister remember?" i said."yeah any problem?" louis ask."nothing i just want to tell that my brother is awake can you tell the rest?" i ask."of course.we come later after our rehearsal" louis said."okay thanks.i tell my brother that your coming" i said."wait mira don't hung up now.(then louis loud speaker his phone)." louis said."can i ask you something?" louis said."of course what is that?" i said."do you have a boyfriend?" louis ask.i stop and think, why louis ask that?."mira still there?" i hear louis said on the phone.but i answer his question."i have no boyfreind no because i don't want any distractions in my study" i said."okay but if you see your soulmate can you change your mind?" louis add."i have found him but were not meant to be because his my brother" i said in the back of my mind."mira i'm waiting" louis said."let see louis, bye i need to buy some fruits and food for my brother" i said."okay see you later" louis said."bye" i said.i hung up my phone and go to supermarket and then buy some fruits.i know louis have a girlfriend.what her name?, yes Eleanor.oh get that thing in your mind.maybe louis is joking and not serious in his what he ask to you.when i'm done i get a taxi and said to the taxi driver that get me to the hospital.then i see the hospital i said you just stop here.i give the money to be pay to the taxi and say thank you.i'm on my way to my brother's room when someone call me."hey mira wait for us" niall said."oh there you are" i said."i carry that mira" liam said."thanks liam" i said.then i see zayn and louis was busy talking.what were talking?.need to go to the restroom."just wait for me there and tell my brother that i'm taking a restroom okay" i said to liam."okay" liam answer.i go to the restroom not knowing louis was following me.


Louis's POV

...there i see mira going to the restroom.i said to my mates need to use some restroom.when i see mira was finish i pretend that i'm going out to the restroom and say "oh mira your here too" i said."yeah need to wash my hands" mira said."are you going in the room of your brother?" i ask."yes and you?" mira ask too."hmmm can i invite you for some coffee?" i ask."sure were?" mira said."just a miles away here" i said."okay lets go.but wait need to call my brother okay.give me a minute" mira said."(mira caliing harry.it's ringing)."where are you mira?" harry ask."brother i just need to go some coffee with your mate louis" mira answer."what? why? when?" harry ask."brother take it slow were just go make some coffee" mira said.i hear all mira saying to my mate.hope he just say yes.i need to know more about mira."okay but please can you buy me our favorite coffee?" harry ask in a sweet voice."oh my brother of course" mira replied."thank you but wait can i speak to my mate?" harry ask."okay wait i gine him the phone.louis my brother wants to talk to you" handling the phone to louis."hello mate.how are you?" i ask."what are you planning mate?" harry ask."nothing i'm just want to make some coffee to your sister that's all" i answer."i know you louis" harry add."c'mon mate don't worry i take care of your sister" i said."just drop it whatever your planning to mate" harry said."you have eleanor right?" harry ask."we just break up" i said."okay just make it quick" harry said."thanks mate" i said."were not done yet i talk to you later" harry i add."okay.bye" i said and give the phone to mira."bye now brother i miss you.just wait for your coffee okay" mira said."okay.i miss you too" harry said."shall we" i said.then i open the door for mira.i drive to the starbucks.then i use my diguise and we enter the coffee shop and order our coffee.we seat to the very hide place of the coffee shop.damn mira is so beautiful when you see her close.she simple and oh god those lips is so perfect.forgive me mate (harry) i adore your sister.i wanna court him.i hope mira say yes to me.


Harry's POV

....why are they not her yet.mate (louis) why are you planning to do with my sister?are you planning to court her?oh no i'm dead if you do it.i love her but i didn't tell it to anyone.cause i don't want to cause it any trouble.but if mira want to be court by my mate (loius) i will not disagree beside i know my mate (louis) when love is involve."hey mate (niall) can you call our mate (louis)?"  i ask."why mate?" niall ask me too."because they are so long" i said."okay" niall said.then i my mate (niall) calling louis."hey mate (louis) where are you?" niall ask."were going back there" louis said."okay our mate (harry) here asking her sister" niall said."were here at at the front of the hospital" louis said."okay bye" niall said."so were are they mate?" i ask."there in the front of the hospital and going up here" niall said.oh thank god."brother were her" i hear mira entering my room."where's my coffee?" i ask her."here it is i didn't forget what is your favorite like my favorite.it's mocha latte" mira said."thanks mira" i said."your welcome you know that i love to do that to you always" mira said.then mira hug me.i see louis turn his look into other direction.i see his jealous."mira can you check mom" i said."okay.but wait are you going home now?" mira ask."yes mira" i said." oh thank god" mira said."bye boys and thanks louis for the coffee i enjoy your company" mira said to louis." welcome my dear" louis said.i'm shock to what louis call to mira.when mira get out into my room i come to louis."what are you planning mate?" i ask."relax mate.can i get your blessing to court your sister mira?" louis ask.i'm speechless to what i hear to my mate (louis).this not happening."just make sure not to hurt her" i said." i will not promise i do it" louis said."hey what are you talking?" mira ask."oh your here mira" i said."i'm sorry louis but i disagree to my brother.i'm not ready for any relationship right now.i need to focus on my study.hope you understand" mira said to louis.yes i said to my mind, sorry mate (louis)."it's okay mira i'm willing to wait" louis said."oh that's sweet louis, okay if that's so i will say yes to you.you can court me but in our house" mira said."you need to ask my parents permission too" mira add."yes thank you mira" louis said.oh no why am i feeling this way.not here harry."hey lets go" liam said."we just go on your home mate" zayn said."bye mira" niall said."bye boys take care" mira said.when my mates our gone.i lay down and take some nap.i don't want to talk to mira because maybe she ask some information about my mate (louis).


Mira's POV

...i see my brother is sleeping.according to the doctor he need one more day to be here in the hospital to be observe.i know i hurt him because i said yes to louis to court me.but need to do it.louis is such a nice and sweet person.he is willing to wait for me.i decide to go to the couch and sleep there.but my mind thinking my brother's reaction when i said yes to louis earlier.just focus mira.i stare at the wall and finally get to sleep.my mom go home and cook some food for my brother.she come here later.i need to go home because i need to catch up some lesson that i miss in my school.thanks to riley he provide all the copies need to study.i'm sleeping when somebody put a pillow on my head i want to open my eyes but i'm sleepy.maybe that's my dad."thanks dad" i just said with my eyes are not open.but i didn't know that was my brother who was put a pillow on my head.i just heard a soft knock on the door and i open it."mom your here, what time is it?" mira ask."it's already 7pm" mom said."i need to go home mom, is dad drive you here?" i ask."yes just wait for him here" mom said.that was weird.then harry is the one who put pillow on my head."mira you eat so that's you just rest if you go home" mom said."okay mom" i said.i eat while waiting for my dad.then finally i finish eating.i said goodbye my mom and kiss my brother to his forehead."see you tomorrow" i said to him while his sleeping."dad just text me his here in the front of the hospital" i said to my mom."okay.bye take care" mom said.i kiss one more time my brother.then i go down because dad is waiting for me.


....mira didn't know that harry is awake his just pretending that hes asleep.harry can't get out of his mind mira said to his mate (louis).how can harry stand it if louis is courting her sister.can mira serious about what she say to louis?what is possible harry do to stop it?can his parents allow mira to have boyfriend?what happen to harry and louis?harry can go finally at home.just find out to my next chapter.




......sorry guys need to have a love triangle so the story would make some interest to my reader.thanks alot.it's my pleasure to write a story.i have writing a new stroy about niall horan....catch it very soon....to god be the glory.godbless us all.


                                                     "STORY OF MY LIFE"      

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