I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


27. The Reason

.....mira need to focus on her study and face the consequences of her doing.louis didn't know what real reason why she need to engaged to harry.if louis knew he get angry at mira.but mira do that because of louis.mira see louis kissing eleanor.mira still in love with louis.harry willing to do everything to make mira love him.


Mira's POV

...i'm prepare and eating my breakfast when harry sit beside me."ready?" harry ask."just need to finish my breakfast and we will go" i answer."okay" harry said.then i look at harry why am i feeling shy when he near beside me?i hope when we get married i already learn to love him.i have a feelings for him before louis came but then when i became closer to louis that feelings change because louis do everything to make me love him.so my feelings to harry is gone and i don't know if it's gone already.then i finish my breakfast and brush my teeth."harry lets go" i said."yes my princess coming" harry answer."i wait for you outside" i said."okay" harry said.then after a few minutes i see harry coming and get to his car.i hop in and sit at the front."do you have rehearsal now?" i ask."yes, why did you ask?" harry ask too."nothing i want to watch you singing" i answer."okay, maybe in weekends you can watch me" harry said."i have a saturday class now harry" i said."why?" harry ask."because i have so many subjects now" i answer."okay" harry said.then silent come between us.no one talk until we reach our school.harry open the door for me."thanks harry" i said."what time your class end?" harry ask."i don't know i text you later" i answer."okay take care my princess" harry said."i will, take care too" i said.then harry get to his car and drove away.i go inside my school and go to my room.


Harry's POV

....i hope you can learn to love me mira.i don't want my mate (louis) going close to you.i will hit him if he do that.i will treasure you and our relationship.i can't wait to marry you.i want to pull the time and see you graduated and by that time i will marry you and plan our wedding.oh i can imagine mira in her wedding dress

                                          this harry's imagining mira would wear on their wedding day

then i smile.but for now need to focus on my career and in my singing.i reach our studio and get down in my car.i see my mate (liam)."mate what you doing here?" i ask."waiting for someone" liam answer."let me guess your girl?" i ask again."i wish she is my girl but apparently she 's taken" liam answer."oh mate sorry to hear that" i said.but then i see my mate (liam) standing and going to a girl.damn she's beautiful.but wait why she crying?.i hear my mate (liam) asking the girl.but then the girl said they should get somewhere to talk about it.my mate (liam) said okay but need to said goodbye to us and rehearse later."mate it's okay just go with her and comfort her" i said."are you mate?" liam ask."yes i'm the one who explain to our mates" i answer."thanks mate" liam said and wave his goodbye."mate by the way tomorrow if she's okay i try to introduce her to all of you, you mira here tomorrow okay" liam shouting."okay mate" i said shouting too.then i go inside our studio and tell them our mate (liam) has an important matter to fix and rehearse later.they all said okay and ask what we should do while our mate (liam) is gone.we decide to rehearse some song.


Liam's POV

....we go to the beach because she love beach.i open the door for her and get her hand."liam i'm okay now you can let go of my hand" cyrah said."oh sorry" i said."it's okay" cyrah said."so cyrah what's the problem?" i ask."i see him cheating on me?" cyrah answer and start to cry again.i hate seeing her like this in pain.when i see her boyfriend i hit him and kill him."so i talk to him and said were over" cyrah add."that's why your crying?" i ask."yes because you know how much i love him" cyrah answer."oh cyrah it's not worth it to cry" i said.but it worst cyrah still crying and i can't stop her.the next thing i know i grab her and hug her so tight."stop crying cyrah i'm here for you i can help you forget him" i said."thanks liam,i am thankful because your always there for me through upside down" cyrah said."can i go with you liam?" cyrah ask."where cyrah?" i ask too."in your rehearsal" cyrah answer."sure" i said."lets go" cyrah said."but wait need to buy some food" i said."can you order pizza?" cyrah ask."sure my mates will love it" i answer.then we go to the car and order some pizza and deliver it to our studio.when i'm driving i see cyrah is sleeping peacefully.i stop the car and look at her.your such an angel cyrah i can't understand why your boyfriend cheat on you.if i could be your boyfriend i will see to it the you feel that you loved every second of your life.i wish i could tell you what i really feel about you.but for now i can't because you are still in moving on without him.then i start again my car and drove where my studio is.



......there's a new character in my story.who is cyrah?what will be her role in liam's life?is there can possibilities that liam and cyrah ended on a relationship?just catch it on my next chapter.but don't worry is harry's story it's just i want the four have their stroy too.sorry for the late update,....i've been busy in this past few weeks....love you all and thank you......godbless us all

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