I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


23. The Problem ( Louis )

louis gets home and rest for a while and text hes mate (liam).he text that he will attend their rehearsal by tomorrow.liam text back and said it's okay.louis didn't know what wait him by tomorrow.eleanor is back and she want louis back with her.what will louis reaction about it.


Liam's POV

...how can i tell my mate (louis) that eleanor is back."eleanor are you sure you wait for louis?" i ask."yes i will wait for him" eleanor said."but you see my mate (louis) is happy and en-----" i'm cut because my mate (harry) is there already."eleanor how are you?" harry ask."i'm fine,how about you?" eleanor ask."fine too" harry answer."that's good" eleanor said."mate how's mira?" i ask."she's okay and our mate (louis) bring her here" harry answer."wait who's mira?" eleanor ask."she's my younger sister" harry answer."and why louis bring her here?" eleanor ask again."because mira and my mate louis are en---" i'm cut again because zayn and niall is there."eleanor your back" zayn said."yes and i'm staying for good" eleanor said.the only missing is my mate (louis)."lou is always late" eleanor add."good morning mates" louis greet us."where is mira?" niall ask."she's inside she forgot her phone on the car so she get it" louis answer."hi baby how are you?" eleanor ask my mate and kiss him at the same time."i'm fine and good thanks to you" louis asnwer."honey your ph---" mira said and stop when she see eleanor."baby come here you know her right?" louis ask mira."yes your ex" mira answer."eleanor i would you to meet my fiancee Mira Styles" louis said."finally nice meeting you eleanor" mira said and hand shake with eleanor."honey what i said you forget your phone too" mira said."hi brother" mira greet harry."we go to starbucks and order coffee for us but we never know that your here so here you go eleanor" mira said giving eleanor a cup of coffe."it is okay with you honey we share to your coffee?" mira ask louis."of course baby" louis asnwer."what is that?" eleanor ask."when you left my mate he met mira my mate (harry's) younger sister" niall answer."i'm sorry eleanor i've been trying to tell you earlier but everytime i try i'm cut" i explain."it's okay" eleanor said."i think i need to go" eleanor add."nice seeing you all" eleanor said before she leave.


Mira's POV

...i feel jealous when i see eleanor she's so pretty.i see her leaving the place."baby are you okay?" louis ask."yes i am" i answer."don't worry i'm over with her" louis said and hiug me."i know honey" i said."i trust you enough"i add."thanks baby" louis said.but i know eleanor not over with my fiancee i see it in her eyes."wait for me here i need to rehearse" louis said."don't worry about me i'm fine" i said."okay" louis said.then he go to their studio."bye mira get back to you later" niall said."okay niall" i said.i plug my headset on my phone and listen to my music.i look at the studio i see louis is busy rehearsing his song.hes so handsome when his singing.i remember the time when he propose to me.i won't forget that day it's the best day and moments in my life.louis teach me to be happy and content of what i got in my life.i hope now that eleanor is back she will not ruin what louis and i have.were happy and engaged i hope she understand it and be happy for louis.i continue to listen to my phone then suddenly there's a girl who walk in and ask."excuse me do you know where i can find zayn?" ahe ask.'yes wait i call him" i answer.i go to their studio were the boys was rehearsing their songs.i knock the door and it's louis who open the door."yes baby" louis ask."there's a girl outside and looking for zayn" i answer."mate mira say that thre's agirl was looking for you outside" louis said."me?" zayn ask."yes you zayn" i said."okay excuse me mates" zayn said.then zayn follow me and look who's the girl."perrie what you brought here?" zyn ask."i miss you that's why" the girl answer."who is that girl?" the girl ask."come i introduce you to her" zayn said."Mira Styles this my fiancee Perrie Edward" zayn said.'harry's girl?" perrie ask."no i'm not i'm louis's fiancee and harry is my brother" i answer."oh nice meeting you" perrie said."same here" i said.i go to the studio i give you some privacy" i said."okay thanks mira" zayn said.then i go to the studio and seat beside louis."so baby who's the girl?" louis ask."it's perrie" i answer."okay" louis said.then i listen to their song.but my mind still thinking about eleanor.what if she get us into trouble.oh i love louis so much i can't afford to lose him.


......eleanor can't believe that louis is engaged and she will not let mira win louis heart but louis is in love with mira.what is the real story why eleanor left louis.how can louis ignore eleanor.this seem trouble for louis.how can mira take care of this problem that louis has been to.what eleanor plan to get louis's back to her.


.....i'm sorry guys i know i said it's louis problem but i indicate it to my next chapter...thanks lot....love you guys....


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