I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


25. The Price to be Pay (Louis)

....so louis didn't see mira going to hes car only eleanor see her.but she didn't tell it to louis.she want louis and mira get into a fight.so she was easily get louis back to her.but louis is going to do everything to forgive him.even if takes a lot of time.he didn't do anything wrong.mira just concluding in a things that louis never to do that her.


Louis's POV

....damn why mira didn't answer her phone.i been calling her since i get back in my home.i go to her school but she not there.what happening to her?.i really miss her.so i go to my room and get some quick shower and go to mira's house.but before that i buy some flowers.after i buy a flowersand teddy bear.i get to my car and drive at mira's house.

                                                                  this is louis present to mira

i get to mira's house in less than a minutes.i knock on the door and my mate (harry) open it."what are you doing here?" harry ask."i want to see mira mate?" i answer."after you sone to my sister" harry said."it's not what you think mate" i explain."and you saying my sister is a liar?" harry ask."no but i just adjust eleanor seat belt that's why she see us in that position and think were kissing" i explain."mate believe me i wouldn't do it to mira i love her" i add."but i'm sorry mate she doesn't want to see you or talk to you" harry said."just give her time mate" harry add."okay can you give this to her?" i ask."sure mate" harry answer.then i go back at my car and drive home.i wish i could talk to mira and explain what really happen that day.


Harry's POV

...."hey you can get out now my mate (louis) is gone" i said."thank you brother" mirs said."my mate (louis) give it to you" i said and giving the flowers and teddy bear."mira try to listen to hes explanation before you conclude into something" i said."i will but not now need to fix myself and focus on my exam" mira answer.then mira go to her room.last night i saw her crying for the first time because of my mate (louis) she really love my mate (louis).i hope i can make her fall in love with me in an instant.but i know how deep is she love my mate (louis).it will not easy for me to make her fall for me.what is the plan of eleanor for coming back here?but i don't want to hurt and seeing mira's heart is breaking.i will do to set them up.but for now i respect mira's decision.i go to my room and rest there for a minutes.i fall asleep.when i wake up i'm shock because mira is in my room sleeping and hugging me.i get up and look at mira she's still sleeping.i heard my mom knocking on my door.oh no what will i do if she see mira here?.i open the door and mom shock."harold what did you do?" mom ask."mom relax i can explain" i answer."honey come here" mom called dad."what happen honey?" dad ask.then i see my dad is shock too."what did you do harold?" dad ask too."nothing dad i just see h-----" i didn't continue my sentence because mira was already awake."good morning brother" mira greet me."get up now mira and well talk down stairs" dad said in a serious face."what happen to dad brother?" mira ask."why are you here in my room mira?" i ask."i just missed you and i want a cuddle so i come here" mira answer."is there any wrong with that?" mira ask too."yes there is" i answer."are you forgetting something were not real siblings" i explain."oh no yes i'm sorry brother" mira said."now dad is waiting for us" i said.then we go down and get into the living room and seat.


Mira's POV

..."dad is not what you think is happen to us?" i explain."i'm disappointed to you harold" dad said."dad i said nothing happen to us i see mira in my bed when i wake up" harry explain."dad is all my fault" i said."i don't care" dad is getting serious and angry at us."honey relax" mom said."you need to marry mira harold as soon as possible" dad said."that's an order and no one will complaining" dad add."but dad did you forget that i'm engaged to louis" i ask."i know but louis will understand it" dad answer."no i don't love harry and nothing happen to us believe us" i said and crying.harry is comforting me."mira don't cry if you don't want to marry me it's okay" harry said."thanks but you heard dad" i said."how can i say it to louis?" i ask."call louis now" dad said."dad please no i love him i don't want to break hes heart" i said."no buts,call him harold" dad order."yes dad" harry answer.then i see harry talking to louis.then he hung up the phone."dad louis is coming" harry said."good lets wait for him" dad answer.i seat and imagine louis face when he heard the news later.harry is worried too.i know how much he treasure their friendships.then after twenty minutes louis is her."hi baby" louis greet me."good morning mate and to you auntie and uncle" louis greet them  too."louis i want to talk about your relationship with my daughter i think it's best for you two to break up" dad said."what?is this some of joke?" louis ask."no i'm serious" dad said."dad please don't do this" harry beg dad."no this is the consequence to your doing" dad."wait mate what is this?" louis ask harry."my dad think that mira and i do something wrong last night" harry asnwer."what?" louis ask again."it's not what you think mate nothing happen to us"  harry answer."honey it's true my dad wouldn't believe us" i explain."it is for the best louis forget mira,she will marrying harold" dad said."but there sister and brother" louis said."they not" mom said."we saw mira on the grocery and planning to adopt but were afraid someone will claim that's why we hide her" mom explain.i see louis reaction when he heard the truth.i want to come with him and hug him but my dad is there.


Louis's POV

...maybe i'm dreaming.this is not true.but it's really happening i'm here at mira's house."please tell it's not  true?" i ask."it is louis try to understand me" dad answer."from now on you can't see mira" dad said."she's getting married to my son soon" dad add."i'm sorry mate" harry said.i get up and said my goodbye and congratulation to mira and my mate (harry).then i walk to the door and get to my car."louis wait don't leave i love you and i want to marry you" mira said and crying."but it's not happening baby" i said and crying."please lets go together and get married now" mirs said."mira get inside" dad said."dad please don't do this to me" mira beg to her dad."no,get inside now" mira's dad is shouting."mira get inside and goodbye" i said."no please don't leave me" mira said.but i start my car and drive away from their house.i can't believe losing mira is the price i have to pay from helping eleanor.i hate you eleanor.because of i lose mira in my life and become my wife.i wish you never come back here.now what is the meaning of my life without you mira?i ask myself.now i'm crazy because i talk to myself.wait my mate (harry) and mira are not real siblings that's why they can be married.i can imagine it.my heart is in so mush pain now.i go to the bar and i need to drink.i don't care if there are so many people there.i want to forget what happen this day.i think i want to get drunk and forget that i met mira.but how can i do that if everytime i close my eyes i see her smiling at me.i get dizzy and get to my car but i can't drive because of my condition.i didn't know that i fall asleep in my car.


....what will happen to louis and mira now?are they really breaking up?what will harry do to stop hes marriage to mira and save hes friendship with hes mate (louis)....

....catch it in my next chapter guys.thanks for reading my story....i love you all...godbless us all

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