I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


7. The Kiss

....after the dinner mira and harry go to their own room and their parents do the same.mira was so happy and inspire to study her lesson.while in harry's room he was singing while taking a bath.mira was hearing all the songs that harry's singing.mira was so happy that it's back to normal.


Mira's POV

.....i'm inspire more because i hear your voice harry.i wish my traitor heart would slip my feelings about you.i can't sleep because i think the scene earlier.i actually hug my brother.what a stupid of you mira?how can you do that thing?mom actually see it.oh i wish i didn't do that.but i want to feel his body near and make he feel that i'm sincere.i need to drink milk.i go down and make some milk for me.i go to our veranda and there i drink my milk.but i heard a footstep coming down on the i see my brother coming in the kitchen and making a milk too." brother can't sleep too?" i asked him." yes mira, how about you?" i ask too." yes i can't sleep too, but i finish study my lesson for tomorrow" i asnwer."come join me in the veranda" mira said."okay" harry replied.when we seated my brother was looking at me."uhmmm brother is there something in my face?" i ask."oh nothing mira sorry, are you not comfortable with it?"harry ask too."no brother, but can you stop looking at me, i feel uneasy" i said.


Harry"s POV

....i can't stop looking mira's lips.i want to kiss them.oh harry control your self.you just reconciliation to your sister.you don't want to make her angry at you again."mira how are you and riley?" i ask her." were okay but were just friends brother don't worry"mira asnwer."okay" i said."i suppose we need to sleep now, it's getting late and beside you need to wake up early" i said."yes, goodnight brother" mira said to me."you go first" i added.i need to do that because if i might near her i might kiss her and can't control myself.but i don't know if i can stand it next i see mira's lips like that.then when i see mira was in her room.i decide to go to my own room and sleep.forget it harry she's your sister it's not appropriate to do that.i don't know what time i fall asleep.i jump over my bed because i hear a knock on my door."harry need to wake up.your sister is waiting for you" dad said."coming dad" i replied.i rush to take a bath and go down."mom i just get my breakfast in the studio" i said to mom."beside mira late for school" i added.then i grab my key and call mira."mira lets go" i shout."coming brother" mira said.then i see mira, oh no she's beautiful.i look at her and never look away any second of it.i didn't notice that mira was in front of me."brother what happen to you?" mira ask."nothing mira.c'mon lets go you might be late for school" i said."bye mom and dad see you later" mira say her goodbye to mom and dad." were going mom and dad" i added.then we go outside and get to my car.


Mira's POV

...when i get inside the car i feel nervous.i don't know why?maybe the way that my brother look at me.he drive and were just miles away from house when my brother stop the car and look at me.the way he look at me is i don't like." mira forgive me to what i do to you, i can't help it and control it anymore" my brother apologize me."why my bro---------" i didn't finish of what i say because he kiss me.yes he kiss me i don't know for how long minute.i'm shock when he finish doing it."mira say something" harry ask."hey mira hit me if you want" harry added.then harry start the car's engine and drive.i'm not talking until we get into my school.i open the door and get down fast as i can.i heard my brother asking me and shouting at me."mira wait tell me something.i pick you up later after school okay?" harry ask.i just sign okay to him and go to my school.what happen there?i want that kiss.his kiss was sweet.i'm walking faster and did not see that there's a people in front of me.were bump into each other.i pick my books and notes and see the person who i bump.it's riley."sorry riley, i just hurry because it's late for our fist subject" i said."it's okay mira" riley said."lets go will be late for our first subject" mira said.when were walking i'm thinking of my brother.the way he look at me earlier i feel his longing for that kiss.just focus mira.talk to your brother later.


Harry"s POV

....can believe it.i kiss my sister.now face the consequences you made harry.i arrive at the studio were my lads are waiting.i don't hear louis was asking me."hey mate minding somewhere?" i hear louis ask."nothing just don't mind me" i said."but were rehearsing now" louis said." okay i'm coming" i said.i just pray that mira would not mad at me."mate what happening to you?" liam said."your not focusing on what were doing?" niall add."i'm sorry mates" i said in apologetic way."can we practice no?" zayn ask me."of course" i answer.were singing best song ever for our up coming tour.but my mind thinking of the scene that i kiss mira.then were done and rest for a while for another song to rehearse."mate why are you not eating?" niall said."i'm full mate" i said."are you okay mate?" liam ask."i wish i knew the answer to that question" i said in the back of my mind." but instead i just said to liam that i'm okay"." okay if your have a problem were all here for you mate" liam added."thanks mate" i said.i would probably go to mira and talk to her."mate can i go now?" i said."but were not yet" liam said."it's important please i'm begging" i said." i promise i will make it up to all tomorrow" i add."okay you can go now.but your early tomorrow okay" liam said."yes, thanks mate for understanding" i said.i go to where's my car is and start the engine and drive to mira's school.i'm just in time because i see mira walking out in school.


Mira's POV

...my brother is early.i walk into his car and get inside."brother can we talk in private before we go in the house" i said."okay mira if that's what you want" harry said.when he drive i'm thinking my question with him.then he stop at the front of the Starbucks our favorite coffee shop."is this okay with you here?" harry ask."yeah at least you know me when i get nervous" i said."of course you just need a cup of your favorite mocha latte coffee" harry add.while my brother order our coffee i'm seating in the hide most place in the cafe.so no one will see my brother."here's your mocha latte" harry giving my coffee."thanks" i said."now can i ask you?" i said."of course what it is?"harry replied."why did you kiss me?" i ask him."first of all i would like to say i'm so so sorry for doing that" harry answer."believe me i try to fight it but when i see you earlier i can't fight my feelings to kiss you that's why i did that" harry answer."okay i forgive you this time but next time you do it i will not talk to you and tell it to mom and dad understand" i said."oh thank you mira.i promise i will not do it again,i'm sorry again" harry said in apology."i said it's okay right.i miss this.how about you?" i ask."of course, can we do it more often?" harry ask me too."of course my brother.but wait how your popular?"i ask him."leave it to me" harry answer.then we laugh together.


.....that's it guys hope you like it....it's short sorry my mind is occupied with something.promise in the next chapter it will be long.to god be the glory.....godbless us all.


                                                                                                                 lady in the purple #29




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