I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


2. The First Day

....we can't believe mira is growing so fast.now she's attending college.we never regret that we took her and raise her as a true blood.our baby is now a lady.she's turning 18 .she change our lives.harry was graduating for his degree.but we never tell harry that we just see mira on the other side of our car while going home.we want the two that treat as brother and sister.i wish back to the day we see our little mira.as the years go by my son turning into a man.this is my daily routine everyday.i never tired of doing this to my two siblings.then i see harry and mira going down and taking their breakfast.i see my son was looking for her sister.i watch him while busy eating.


Harry's  POV

....everytime i see her my heart is jumping.she simple complete my day and me.why i'm feeling thi sway to my sister this all wrong?i didn't notice that my mo was observing me."hey harry why are you looking to your sister like that?"my mom asked me."nothing mom, i just notice that mira was growing so fast".i answered."okay you better hurry before mira was late for his first day", my mom said.harry ask mira if he could drop her in school."of course brother",mira replied."i go to brush my teeth hurry mira".i hear harry said to me."yes brother".i said back.then i see mira was finish and brushing her teeth.i soon get finish brushing my teeth, i get the car and at start the engine.i beep for mira because i'm late for rehearsal."mira i called"."finally my sister you came out.hurry were gonna be late".i see mira get in the back of my car.i protest but i don't want to see mira what i'm feeling?.i drove and i ask my sister what time her class be over?'Mira what time i pick you up?"harry ask."i don't know brother, i didn't get look my schedule.i text when i'm done okay".mira said.then finally we get to her school.i open the door for her and said my goodbye.


Mira's POV

...i wave to my brother and smile at him.he just ask what time my class over?how am i supposed to know i didn't even bother to look my schedule.after we said our goodbyes.my brother drove as fast as he can.why his in a hurry?maybe his date was waiting for him.why i'm feeling so shy when he get near me?i know this is wrong because his my brother.what would my mom and dad tell me?oh mira just fight for your feeling.


Harry's  POV

....i don't want to go but i need to attend my rehearsal.all i wanna do was stay in her side and watch her every move.i know there so many boys that would probably court her.i know mira didn't want any distractions in her study.beside mira was too young to have a boyfriend.oh!harry this is insane, mira was your sister.your not suppose to feel this way about her.what would your mom and dad tell you if they know about this?maybe their get angry to you.i don't want to happen that.they trust me.but for now i fight for what i'm feeling about you mira.but how can i do that if she's there everyday.


Mira POV's

.... i'm in the class but my mind was busy thinking about my brother harry.oh!harry get lost.then i heard my professor called my name."Miss Styles were is your mind at this point?"."oh! i'm sorry sir, i'm just thinking of my mom and dad".i said to my professor."this is not the time for that Miss Styles".he said."i'm sorry again sir it won't happen again".i said in apologetic way.i see all my classmate was looking at me and at the same time laughing.i'm too shy because of what i'm doing.oh!mira your stupid to think of your brother in middle of your class.


.....harry was waiting for mira 30 minutes now.hw was thinking what happen to mira?but how can he do that his popular.his the one member of the most popular in the world "THE ONE DIRECTION".finally i see mira going out in the university.he wave to his brother the minute he saw it.then harry open the door for her sister.harry noticed mira was silent the whole trip.she didn't bother to ask his brother, how's his day?harry decide to focus on his driving.harry wants to know what happen to mira's first day of school.then mira decide to pretend that she's fall asleep so harry won't bother her to ask.then harry notice that she fall asleep.mira was too tired to her first school.harry look at her and think that even mira was sleeping she look like an angel.finally there get in their house.


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