I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


5. The Fight Scene

....after the rehearsal harry get his way to his sister.but when he got their mira was actually talking to the guy that he saw earlier.he get down and gets angry to mira.he didn't know what he was doing and grab mira on her arms.mira was hurting and shock what his brother acting.the boy was shock too but he said that be careful because mira was hurting.but harry come to the boy and give the boy a punch straight to his face.mira run to the boy and ask if his hurt and look at his brother.he ask what he is acting that way?


Mira's POV

"what's wrong with you?""why did you do that to him?" mira ask harry."did you see his flirting with you" harry answered."no he did not" mira said."he just asking me about our lesson for tomorrow" mira add."but the way he look at you" harry said."that's not your problem" mira said."but i'm your brother and it's my duty to protect you for anyone can hurt you" harry said."but his not hurting me, well talk about it later" mira said to harry."sorry about that Riley" mira apologize to riley."it's okay mira i see the point of your brother" riley answer."i didn't know harry styles is your brother" riley added."yeah he just drop and pick me up before and after school" mira said."by the way riley this is my brother harry" mira introduce the two boys to each other."we need to go riley maybe our parents is waiting for us" mira added."okay, nice meeting you harry" riley said.when i'm getting the car i seat to the front.to confront my brother.when he gets into the car i ask him/"what is that brother?" mira ask harry."i'm sorry i get jealous of that guy" harry answer."i told that is wrong because i'm your sister" mira said."but what will i do my heart is loving you and your the one who want this, he pointed his heart" harry answer.then i keep quiet.i surrender.it's non sense.whatever i'm saying he didn't listen.


Harry's POV

...i see mira was quiet.but i ask her what was her feeling about that boy."mira are you having feelings for that guy" harry ask."what?are you out of your mind, where did you get that idea?" mira answer."because the way you depend him it's look like you have a feelings about that guy" harry add."oh my brother stop this non sense already" mira said."now your avoiding the topic huh" harry ask."you what answer, yes i have a feeling to that guy, are you happy now?" mira answer me.i'm shock with her answer.i really hurt.i feel my heart is crack and torn into a pieces.why mira?why did you do this to me?i love you, you know that.no i'm gonna fight for my feelings to mira.i don't care if my parents get angry with me.i need to do it because i might lose mira.


Mira's POV

...if my brother only knew what my real feeling about him.when i said that i like riley i'm hurt because i see his reaction.but i need to pretend that i like riley so that he end this fight.i don't wanna fight with him.but i get nervous when my brother stop the car.he face me and i see his face was angry and at the same time his crying."why mira?" harry ask."you ask me i just answer it" mira said."but you know that i love you" harry said."yeah i heard it, but like what i said it's wrong and it's never be going right no matter what".mira add."i know but how can i fight it, tell me" harry ask." oh my brother we need to end this all non sense"mira said."beside i don't want mom and dad gets angry at me and i respect them" mira added."okay if that's what you want" harry answered."yeah that's better" mira said.i never think of what i say to harry.i'm hurt when he say it's okay.i wish i'm right to my decision."but i watch to that guy" harry add."oh just stop okay"mira said."now your yelling at me huh" harry said."can just please stop what your acting" mira said."just don't bother us okay and i never bother you" she added."okay, it's a deal" harry answer."thank you, now can we go now?mom and dad surely waiting for us" mira said.


....then harry drive and mira was silent the whole trip and decide to look outside.she's upset with his brother.but she need to pretend that he really like riley.she would probably talk to riley about this tomorrow.she didn't mean what  she said to his brother.she could take it and erase it but how?it's done and his brother was so quiet the whole trip.finally they got in their house.mira open the door and get down and straight to her room.she didn't notice that his brother was sad.harry get inside the house.she kiss her mother and father and go to his room.their parents our worried about their two siblings.there's something wrong with the two kids.mira gets her clothes and change.harry do the same thing.but it's not change the fact that his sister is in love with that guy name riley.then dinner time.it's so quiet.their parents notice it but they didn't  open a single words to cause any trouble.when they finish eating, mira was said her goodbye because she study her lesson for tomorrow.


Harry"s POV

...mira please stay a little longer i wanna see your face more.said harry in the back of his mind.but mira was gone and go to her room.so i was alone washing dishes.when i finish it, i go to my room.my mind is battling with other side of my head if i knock on mira's door or not.then i decide not to knock.i go to my room and lay down.but my mind is busy thinking about mira's face smiling at me.i wish i never do that  what i have done earlier in the school of mira.i wish i turn back the time.now mira was angry at me.we had actually a fight earlier.i didn't mean what i said to her.i'm hurt that's why i said all those words.i'm thinking what mira is doing right now?is she thinking of me too?oh harry what are you saying.mira was busy studying her lesson that's what she said earlier.


Mira's POV

...while mira was try to concentrate in her notes but it's hard for her to do it because of his brother face bothering her.just relax your mind mira and focus on that lesson that your gonna be going to discuss for tomorrow.it's a hard day tomorrow for me.it will change everything because of my decision.just take it slow mira and take it seriously.this the consequences in your decision that have made.the next morning i wake up and take a bath.i wear my outfit that day.when i satisfy with my look i go down and take my breakfast.i just take my coffee and go to school."wait mira" mom called me."what mom?" i answer."your brother will take you to school" mom told me."no mom riley was going here and pick me up" mira said."who's that boy?" my mom ask."my classmate."okay, can i meet him?" mom ask again."of course mom, but his only my friend okay" mira said."okay" mom said."bye mom riley is here" mira said."take care mira" mom tell me."i will mom" mira answer.then i go outside and see if riley is there.i call him last night to pick me up.i don't want to talk to harry that's my reason."how are you and your brother?" riley ask."were not in a good terms right now" i replied."it's about me right?" riley ask again."no riley it's not about you, don't worry okay" mira said.i'm sad because i didn't see my brother.it's hurt me.i wish we talk very soon.


Harry's POV

...i wake up late and rush to the bathroom and take a quick bath.i see my cellphone there's so many missed call and text from my lads.wait why my mom didn't wake me up?.mira yes i forget her.i stay late all night thinking what i would tell her.but it's late now probably she go to school alone.i'm going down and see my mo  was watching t.v."mom did mira go to school alone?" i asked my mom." no his classmate pick her up here" mom answer."who's classmate?" i ask."riley his name" mom said.what riley pick mira here?his serious about my sister then.what will i do now?i"i gotta go mom i'm late for my rehearsal" i said."okay" mom said.when i'm getting in the car i can lose that mira was pick up by his classmate riley.i start the car's engine and drive.i probably focus because i get bump into another car if i think it.finally after along trip i get to my rehearsal safe.i see liam was sitting in the couch looking sad again.i have time for this i have to fix my own problem with my sister.but how?but then i sit beside where liam is."you okay mate?" i asked him."not really" liam answer."what the matter this time mate?" i asked again."oh mate don't bother, i get to fix this on my own" liam said."as you wish mate" i said.i hope i have your courage liam to face the problem.i wish mira talk to me if i get home and back to normal like the old days.i pray for that mira.i wish i could see your smile and were back together like were use to be.


...what will happen to mira and harry now that riley is in the story?can mira possible have a feeling for riley if she love his brother harry?can harry fight for his love to mira?what will be his parents reaction for this.and finally can harry know the truth about mira's personality?just give me comment to my story guys.i love to hear it for you..sorry for this chapter it's really short...love you all.godbless us alll

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