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i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


34. The day (harry and mira pre -nuptial)

...it was almost two weeks for mira and harry to finally finish their papers for pre- nuptials.harry is so excited and mira as well.and the day that their waiting for just come.mira is in her room preparing and her mom putting some make up so she can be beautiful and harry in the other hand is so nervous because finally he can finally say mira is her property and no one will take mira way from her.


Mira's POV

...i was so excited for this day and nervous too.i wonder what harry is doing right now *giggles*.we didn't call a make artist because i want my mom to do it.beside i hate make up too.maybe when we get married on church i will wear make up for my husband because that was once will happen to me and i want harry to see me just me on the aisle.we heard a knock on the door "i take it baby" mom said *smile*."you look so beautiful baby" dad say * come to me and hug me*."thanks dad" i said *smile*."but you need to be quick we don't want to be late right?" dad ask *laugh*."of course darling, now wait for us downstairs" mom answer."okay okay" dad said.then dad go outside and wait for us."we need to finish your hair sweetie" mom said *tears falling from her eyes*."mom don't cry please" i said."i can't help it sweetie, i mean look at you you grown so fast" mom said *wiping her tears*."i know and it's because of you and dad and i'm so thankful because you raise me well as a decent girl" i said *kiss her*."now go dress and i go downstairs to tell your father we will be going" mom said *smile*."okay mom, but wait how about harry?" i ask."oh don't worry before we go he go first" mom answer." okay mom" i said.then mom go outside and i get dress.

                                                                                 mira's dress



Harry's POV

...i'm getting ready when i heard my mom."harry be quick you need to be first on the chapel okay" mom shout."yes mom i'll be there in 10 minutes" i answer."good" mom said.oh i can't really wait to hear mira say i do to me.good thing my parents agreed to my plan.in less than 10 minutes i'm going down and my mom is gets emotional."oh look at you son: mom said *wiping her tears*."mom please not now we supposed to be happy right" i said *laugh*."yeah your son is right darling" dad said."now you go first on the chapel and wait for us" dad add."okay dad" i answer.

                                                       this is harry's wearing during the pre-nuptial

"dad and mom i go ahead i wait for you in the chapel" i shout."okay son see you around" dad said.then i go inside the car and drove away.i hope everything will be alright later.i hear my phone rung."hello" i answer."baby where are you?" mira ask."i'm on my way to the chapel babe" i answer."oh!be careful baby" mira said *chuckled*."of course babe for you i will" i said."bye see you around" mira said."okay babe, i love you babe can't wait to marry you" i said."me too baby" mira said then hung up her phone.i arrive early in the chapel.i see my mate (liam), i wave to him."how you feeling mate?" liam ask."over joy mate" i asnwer *laugh*."where's the other?" i ask."oh they on their way" liam answer."good lets go inside" i said."nervous or excited?" liam ask."both mate" i answer *chuckled*.then we go inside the chapel and wait there.


...mira and her parents going in the chapel.in couple of minutes mira will become a legal Mrs.Styles.this is her dream to marry the love of her life.the man she loved ever since she laid her eyes on harry.while mira's dad looking for parking , mira see louis outside and two other of harry's mate.she didn't know louis was invited to this event.after parking their car mira's dad open the door for her and for her mom.the three boys amaze because of what they see.mira is so beautiful in her white dress.mira is left on the door while the others is inside the chapel.


Louis's POV

...oh god mira is so beautiful.how i wish i was the one who's marrying her not my mate (harry)."mate are you okay?" niall ask."yeah i am" i answer *smile*."are you sure?" zayn ask too."yes mate" i answer."good because you know how much they love each other right?" zayn ask."of course" i answer."ssshhh quiet now the ceremony is begin" niall said.our mate (liam) is the best man because he was the bestfriend of our mate (harry).we are all the bestman actually but it's the best to our mate (liam is in our mate (harry's side).then the ceremony started.i when the priest ask who is against in the wedding i want to raise my hand but i think mira's reaction when i do that.beside i love her and i want her to be happy.


Harry's POV

...i waas so nervous when the priest ask who is against in our wedding.i'm praying no one will against in our wedding and thank god my mate (louis) didn't raise his hand.then the priest start asking me "do you Harry Styles take Mira as your lawfully wife in sickness and in health, for poorer and richer till death to your part?" priest ask."i do" i answer."and you Mira Montez take harry as your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, for poorer and richer till death to your part?" priest ask. " i do" mira answer."and by the power vested in me i pronounce you husband and wife" the priest said.this is the most exciting part i'm waiting for."you may kiss your wife now Mr.Styles" the priest said.i hear all of the people said "kiss her".then i kiss my wife in the most passionate way.then the people clap."may i present to you Mr. and Mrs.Harry Styles" the priest said.then they clap again.after the ceremony we will proceed to the reception.i will be singing for my wife later on the reception.



......that's is guys...i'm realy sorry for late update...thanks for continuing reading my story..i appreciate it much.to god be the glory.godbless us all

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