I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


11. The Date and Courting part

.....when harry was fully recover from the accident he immediately go to his rehearsal.harry needs to be busy for him to forget the heartache for his sister.louis is dating his sister now and everyday he pick up nira from home and drop her to school and after school mira wait for louis to pick her up and bring her home safely.mira and louis doing this for one month now.louis prove that his worth to mira.he ask mira on a date and mira said yes.


Louis's POV

....i beep once and mira get out from their house."hey your early" mira said."of course i don't want my princess is waiting for her prince" i said."brother is going on rehearsal today" mira said."yes our mates will be happy to hear that" i said."what time is our date on saturday?" mira ask." how about 7pm?" i ask too."that would be great" i said."lets go" isaid."okay" mira said.when i'm driving i see mira busy texting.i want to ask but i keep my focus on the road.because i'm driving i didn't see mira was sad."mira here we are" i said."thanks louis" mira said and give me a kiss on the cheeks."text me if your class is over okay"  i said."yes my prince"mira said.i'm smiling while i'm driving because of what mira call me before i leave.i can't wait to see you on our date and ask you if you would be my girlfriend.i get to park my car and get down while i'm singing."mate your seem to be happy?" liam ask."nothing mate i just see mira that's why" i said."okay lets go our mate (harry) is there waiting for us" liam said."okay" i said.when we get there i see harry busy talking to someone.i wave at him and he wave me back.i think his asking a girl out on a date.it's weird my mate (harry) asking a girl on a date.oh i just be happy for him.


Harry's POV

....i see my mate (louis) is happy i want to ask him but i'm busy talking to taylor swift.i ask taylor if she want to get on date with me.now mira and louis is dating i need to fix myself and set aside what i'm feeling to my mate.when i'm done i heard liam asking our mate (louis) why his happy."because mira and i going on a date on saturday" louis said."congrats mate" niall said."it's cause for a celebration" zayn add."yeah lets eat" niall said."eat?" liam said."no i promise to mira i pick her up after her school" louis said."guys need to go i ask taylor to go out now i need to pick her at their studio" i said."okay text us" liam said."are you mate?" louis ask."yes mate" i replied."bye see you tomorrow" i said.when i get to my car i call mira.(dialing mira's number.it's ringing.)"hello brother any problem?" mira ask."nothing i just want you to know that i have a date right now with taylor" i answer."oh no i can't believe it my brother dating taylor swift" mira said in the back of her mind."mira are you there?" i ask."yes i'm happy for you brother" mira said."but i'm hurt just to see them together" mira said again in the back of her mind."okay bye need to pick up taylor now, see you at house.take care mira" i said."okay, enjoy" mira said.i hung up my phone.how i wish i enjoy being with her when i'm thinking of you.i drive and go to taylor studio.


Mira's POV

.....why am i feeling this.it's like there's a knife that stabbed in my heart when my brother told me his date.just focus on louis.you will learn to love him as soon as possible.think about your date on saturday focus there.i text louis that my class is over.he text back saying his on his way.i text her again okay.i know one and half months is long but i want to be sure in my feelings to louis before i enter a relationship with him.it's unfair to him if i use him to forget my brother.then i see louis is the front of my school.i get to the car and smile to him even do my heart is sad and aching."need some coffee with your long day?" louis ask."you know me my prince huh" i said."of course i know coffee will relax my princess" louis said.then louis drive at starbucks.when we get near at the starbucks i see my brother and louis saw it too.were not expecting that my brother and taylor will go here."if you want i order and drink it to your house?" louis ask."no it's okay louis" i said.when we are going down louis open the door for me and hold my hand."thank you louis" i said."your welcome my princess" louis said."hey harry it's that louis?"taylor ask."yeah" harry reply."who is that girl she's dating, it's seem so beautiful, louis is so lucky to date her" taylor said."that's my youngest sister" harry said."sister?" taylor looks so confused."yes were not telling everybody because she's studying in the most exlusive university in LA" harry said."hey mate what a coincidence" louis said and making high five to my brother."yeah" harry said."how's your day mira?" harry ask."it's okay brother.lets go louis i need that coffee now" i said."by the way mira this is taylor " louis said."nice meeting you taylor" i said."sane here mira" taylor said."were going.bye brother and see you" i said."bye" harry said.we enter and sit down at the edge of the starbucks.i don't want to see my brother and that taylor.relax mira your with louis.


Harry's POV

...i'm hurt when i mira with my mate (louis) you need to accept the fact sooner or later mira and you mate (louis) will become boyfriend and girlfriend.i don't see them maybe there seated at the edge of the coffee shop.but i'm shock when my mate (louis) is seated at our table."it's okay mate?" louis ask."of course mate" i said.i see mira is smiling at taylor."so mira how's harry as your brother?" taylor ask."oh very protective and loving brother" mira answer."oh that's so sweet harry" taylor said looking at me."i hate seeing my brother like this laughing at taylor's joke"."i can't take it anymore i decide to ask louis and said" "louis can we go home i just remember i need to study my lesson for tomorrow" mira said."okay my princess as you wish" louis said."princess that's sweet louis" taylor said."you think taylor i wish mira said to me and i will call her that always.i'm shock to the boldness of my mate (louis)."lets go louis" mira said."bye brother and taylor enjoy your date" mira add.when they gone i feel alone because i don't know what taylor is talking.she was saying something but my mind is with mira.i decide to get taylor home and go home too.i said i'm sorry to her but promise i will make it up to our next date.i thank her because she understand it.while i'm driving home i see a flower and decide to buy some for mira and my mother.when i got home i see mira in the garden busy reading her notes.i keep the flower on my back and stand in front of mira and said, "for my beautiful sister" i said.i see her smile and get the flower to me."thank you brother" mira said and hugging me.then we separate and ask her."like them?" i ask."of course i do" mira answer."how about that" mira ask to the flower is in my hand.'oh this is for mom" i said."i give them to mom now you continue your reading" i said."okay thanks again" mira said.i'm happy because mira like the flower.i get inside and look for my mom and give the flower.


...days is coming so fast it was saturday mira is busy preparing for her date .but not decide what to wear there's so many dress that been in her bed.she  want to look beautiful tonight.mira didn't know that her mother is calling her.mira get down and make some milk for her breakfast.her mother tease her because she is so busy preparing for her date.mira smiling and thank her mom because it's very supportive to her and louis.mira wish her date will be good and memorable for her and louis as well.then the time is come.mira is going down in the stairs and everyone is looking at her.even harry look at her.


Harry's POV

...oh no mira your so beautiful.she get mira hand and give it to louis."thank you mate" louis said."your beautiful tonight my princess" louis said."thank you louis" mira said.mira wearing a black dress and curl her hair and put some make up.i wish i was the one who date you mira."were going auntie and uncle" louis said."take care of our baby louis" dad said."dad i'm not a baby anymore look i'm dating now" mira said."but still your my baby girl" dad sais in a tear eyed."oh daddy i love you thank you for supporting me" mira said hugging daddy."you get along now" mom said."enjoy your night mira" i said."hey mate take care of my sister" i said."of course mate, thank you all" louis said.'bye mom, dad and brother" mira said."wait mira can i take you picture?" i ask."of course brother" mira said."mate can you take us picture" i ask louis."yes where's your phone?" louis ask."here and thanks" i said.louis counting one,two and three say love.then we both say love."thanks mate now you can go" i said.when they gone i went to my room and look at the picture of me and mira.your lucky mate to have my sister.i wish i get through with this.just focus on taylor harry.i fall asleep and i don't know how long.


Mira's POV

...louis bring me at the beach.were walking on the red carpet and in the end is a table set with candle lights."oh louis is beautiful" i said."thank you and i know you love it" louis said.when we seated i talk."louis i know were been dating for one half months now but can you give me time to think?" i ask."i'm not in hurry mira i can't wait for you as long as you want" louis answer."oh thank you louis" i said."now can we eat and enjoy our food" louis said."of course" i said.after we eat there's a music and louis ask me to dance."i love you mira" louis said while were dancing.i wish i say i love you too louis but i never decide it yet."i know your not ready i wait for that day if your ready to say i love you too to me" louis add."thaks for understanding louis" i said.louis decide to walk near at the beach."louis try to catch me" i said."okay run now" louis said.i run and louis is just fast he catch me and tickle me."oh louis stop it's tickle" i said."no this is the punishment for catching you" louis said.louis continue to tickle me and i can't stop laughing.i tickle louis to and his laughing too.then we decide to go home."thank you for this wonderful night louis" i said."no thank you for letting me know you more" louis said."goodnight louis" i said and kiss him on the cheeks."bye my princess" louis said and give me on the cheeks.i wave at him when hes gone i walk to my room and take some shower and wear my pajamas.i lay down on my bed and sleep.i sleep with the smile on my lips.


Harry's POV

....i see mira and louis get home but i don't want to go down because i see them kissing on one another.oh harry your stupid to watch it.i hear mira footsteps walking on her room and shut the door.maybe i ask her tomorrow.but how will i do that my mate (louis) pick her up.i miss doing it.i wish turn back the time.oh when i remember that b------.if that accident happen my mate (louis)would not meet mira.if i see that man i swear i punch him on his face.he make my life sad.now i know mira would steal from me.i'm afraid i will make it easy everday without her in my sight and my side.i fall asleep got a tear in my eyes.


.....can harry get through with this?how can he love taylor if he only use it to forget mira?it's unfair to taylor.but mira can she finally said yes to louis?find out guys.love you all.


                                                                            " I WISH  "

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