I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


16. The Concert

....when the bus is stop louis look at the window.there here in the venue of their concert where he purpose to his lovely girlfriend that sleeping right now.mira's parent's know about it.he do it before they go on tour.harry didn't know it.louis don't know what to do?because time is so running so fast.they start their concert in less than an hour.


Mira's POV

....there are so many people in here.but when she looking at his boyfriend something went wrong to him.i said in my mind."honey are you okay?" i ask.'of course baby" louis answer."then why did you like that?" i ask again."nothing baby just don't mind me okay" louis said."i love you honey" i said and kiss him."i love you more baby" louis said."okay i have to go, wait for me here okay" louis said."okay honey goodluck" i said."thanks baby" louis said.then i hear the boys singing.i'm watching louis the way he sing his line i'm amaze.then when he look at me i whisper to him and say i love you.he said i love you more baby.i'm smiling because of louis i have nothing to wish for.then after a four songs of the band it's break time.louis is coming to me hand the water to him."baby be ready for the next set" louis said."but why honey?" i ask."just wait later okay" louis said."okay honey" i said.then the time is come.i hear zayn saying something.then niall come to me and place me to the center of the stage."niall what am i doing here?" i ask."just wait there and hold okay" niall answer."okay niall" i said."i'm happy for you mira" niall said before he headed back at the stage.i'm in a deep thinking to what niall say to me.then zayn started singing.then people shouting.i don't know what happen there.then when the chorus is singing i start to climb in the stage.then i see louis waiting for me and a chair in the center.when i look at the screen it's our picture.louis and me all the good and happy memories that we share in this past 9 mos."happy anniversary baby" louis said.i'm crying when i see all our picture.i see when we first meet."you make me cry honey" i said."there's one more baby but first your parents wants to talk to you" louis said.my parents is actually in the big screen."hi baby oh no your not a baby anymore.this is the day you've been waiting for.were happy for you my little girl that you found a loving boyfriend like louis.your dad and me decide to give our-----" the video is pause.then suddenly louis was pulling a small box in to his pocket."Mira Styles i am Louis Tomlinson asking you WILL YOU MARRY ME?" louis ask.at first i'm shock but because i love him very much i said "yes honey i will marry you" i said.then louis is crying when hear my answer."thank you baby i love you" louis said.then the video is now playing."we will give you the blessing that louis is asking for.he will marry you when you finish your study.that's our condition.louis is a good person because his willing to wait for you mira.but he want to assure that no one will take you away from him that's why he will propose to you now in your anniversary.i love you baby.were happy for you" mom said and the video is done."you surprise baby?" louis ask."yes honey" i said and put the ring in my finger.then all the boys said congratulate us except my brother."hey brother are you not happy for us?" i ask."of course i'm happy" harry said and hug me.then he come to his lad and congratulate his mate.then their song continue and i seat in the lap of my fiancee and smiling at him.when the song is finish i hug louis and go down in the stage."see you in a bit baby" louis said before he come back in the stage.i don't believe it i'm engage to man i love.i'm the luckiest girl in the world.


Harry's POV

.....what can i do now that mira and my mate (louis) is engaged?then i see my mate (louis)is inspired to sing and the people shouting that my mate (louis) should introduce his fiancee now.then i see my mate (louis) coming to mira and get her and bring her in the stage."baby it's okay with you the people requested it?' louis ask."of course honey" mira answer."thanks baby" louis said."let me do it mate" i said."i would you to meet my youngest sister Mira Styles and his fiancee my mate (Louis Tomlinson)" i said and introduce them in the audience.then i hear they all clapping and want a kiss from the couple.then mira kiss my mate (louis)."thanks baby" i hear mate saying in my sister."i love you honey i will do everything for you" mira said.i'm hurt when i hear that.my love for my sister never fade away.it's even grows even more when i see her.then i see my mate (louis) bringing my sister down in the stage.i see mira is so happy with my mate (louis).just be happy for them harry.but how can i do that if i love my sister.it's unfair to taylor that she doesn't know that i don't love her.i court taylor to make my sister jealous but instead her love for my mate (louis) is growing each day she spend her time with him.how can i unlove you mira?tell me how can i do it.


Louis's POV

...."hey mate are you okay?" i ask."yes mate congrats" harry said."thanks mate and i'm sorry for not telling you" i said."you might spoiled my surprise to your sister that's why i didn't tell you" i add."it's okay i understand mate" harry said.then our first concert is done we have a three venue to going to.i'm excited to see my fiancee.i go first in the bus and check on mira.i see her sleeping in the couch and i feel guilty."hey baby wake up" i said."sorry honey i fall asleep" mira said."it's okay baby" i said."lets go in our bunk" i said."no, lets eat i cook some food for you" mira said."what?did i hear mira cook food?" niall ask."yes niall and it's for everyone" mira said."you don't have do to that baby" i said."but i want to beside were engaged i need to learn how to cook" mira said."okay, now lets eat before my mate (niall) eats all the food" i said.then we go to the table were the food is.i see nial is satisfy to the food so i eat and get some for mira.i love seeing mira beside me.i can't wait to marry her but i promise to her parents that i wait until mira finish her study or after she graduate.the bus is now moving to our next venue.mira and i climb in our bunk and go to sleep.


...after the three more concert we go home and celebrate our engagement.but first mira and louis need to prepare and make a list of all the people they need to invite.in weekend they do their preparation because in weekdays mira has her class.they need to see the place that  will be using in celebrating their engagement.there are so many people who want to clebrate with them but they need to invite those who close to them.mira invite some of her close friends and relatives.while louis invite only his family and relatives of course his mates too.all the very important person in their lives is there in their very happiest moments of their lives.taylor is invited too.mira invited her to come because mira know soon taylor is going to be her sister in law.but harry is not happy on what happening now.it's seem like yesterday he and mira are so happy and no one knows that he have a sister.but harry remember that accident again if he only knew that person he gonna hit and tell him what his done to mira and harry.the dates is set for mira and louis engagement.


.....what will happen now that louis and mira is announcing their engagement?is there anything harry can do to stop it?how about taylor?just find out in the chapter.....thanks for reading my story guys it's really melting my heart.....to go be the glory.godbless us all......love you all


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