I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


14. The Change

.....now that harry and mira have their own love life.their lives will definitely  change.mira will probably pick up by louis.while harry focus on taylor.mira wake up early the next morning.she has to wear a sunglasses to cover her eyes.harry see mira is avoiding her.then mira heard louis's car.she rush go outside and said goodbye to her parents.


Mira's POV

...."mom louis is there" i said."bye om and brother" i said while kissing my mom's cheeks."okay, take care mira" mom said."thanks mom" i said.then i go outside and kiss louis."miss me baby?" louis ask."of course honey" i said."now lets go i don't wanna be late in my exam" i said."okay princess hop in" louis said.then i get inside and louis drove."baby are you free this weekend?" louis ask."yes honey, may i know why you ask?" i ask too."i'm planning to bring you on my tour" louis said."it is okay with you baby?" louis ask."yes honey i love to" i said."thanks baby" louis said."i do everything to you honey" i said."i love you baby" louis said."i love you too honey" i said.then we reach my school.i kiss him and go down on the car."see you later honey" i said."okay take care my princess" louis said."i will" i said.then i see riley."hey riley how are you?" i ask."i'm fine, how about you?" riley ask too."fine too" i said."hey baby who's that?" louis ask.i'm shock because louis is there."honey this riley my classmate and riley this is my boyfriend louis" i said."nice meeting you riley" louis said.then riley do the same."i'll go ahead baby" louis said."okay honey" i said.then i see louis getting into his car.i wave goodbye and we go to our classroom.


Harry's POV

....i know that mira have my mate (louis)everything will change.i will not do the same unlike when mira is single.i wish i can still do it.then i hear rang my phone i see in the screen is taylor's name.i answer it."yes baby" i said."are you free tonight ?" taylor ask."no we have a rehearsal" i said."why did you ask?" i add."i have to attend my friend birthday party" taylor siad."i call you later if my rehearsal is done early okay" i said."okay baby thanks and bye" taylor.then i hung up my phone after that call.now what am i going to do?i ask myself feeling crazy because i just talk to all alone.this year i probably finish my study.what would mira give to me on my graduation?i didn't hear mom saying."HAROLD EDWARD MILWARD COX STYLES what is in your mind?" mom ask."yes mom are you asking something?" i ask too"yes harry i ask if you have work today?" mom ask again."yes mom but later" i answer."okay" mom said."i go upstairs" i said."okay" mom said.then i go upstairs and go to my room.i put on  my headset and listening to our music.i didn't know that i fall asleep.i heard someone is knocking on my door."coming" i said."what is it?i thought you have rehearsal?" mom ask."thanks mom i better get ready" i said.then my mom go down and continue to what her doing.i'm going into the bathroom and go take bath.then i go downstairs and said goodbye to mom.i hear my mo say take care.i said thank you mom and love you.i get to my car and drove.


Louis's POV

....who is that guy that mira introduce to me?i better check on that guy maybe he try to steal mira from me.then i reach our studio where our rehearsal is going to be.i see my mate (harry's) car.i ask him when i see about that riley."hey mate what are you thinking?" zayn ask."'nothing mate" i said."lets go inside" zayn said.i feel  a little scared.i don't know why am i feeling this."hey mate did you see our mate (harry)?" i ask liam."yes his in the bathroom just making a peep" liam said."okay" i said.then i see my mate harry getting out in the bathroom."hey mate i have a question to you" i said."yes mate and what it is?" harry ask."did you know riley?" i ask."yes i do how about him?" harry ask too."i see him earlier mira was talking to him" i said."don't worry about that guy" harry said."but i think he likes mira" i said."the way he look at my mira i know he has a crush on my girl" i add."then it is you to find out if that's true" harry said."i will be here for you mate" harry add."thanks mate" i said."lets go our mates is waiting for us" harry said."don't worry about that riley, mira is not interested in that boy" harry add."okay mate, thanks" i said.then we go to the studio and rehearse.


Harry's POV

....i know my mate (louis) is worried about that boy name riley.riley is having a huge crush on her sister he know it because he actually confronted riley about it.riley didn't deny it at all that his attracted to mira.how can i less the worries of my mate louis?"hey mate are you okay?" i ask."yes mate thanks" louis said."then cheer up" i said."okay" louis said.then we rehearse the song we perform for our tour.i see my mate (louis) try to focus on our rehearsal but his mind is somewhere out there.then he just said that give him a minute.i hear him talking to my sister.he said that he already miss my sister."sorry for that lads" louis said.'it's okay mate" liam said."now can we rehearse?" liam ask."yes" louis answer.then we finish our first part of our rehearsal.then we go to a break.i open my twitter and tweet something.this is my tweet "@HarryStyles I MISS HER SO MUCH".when i tweet it there so many retweet i get and favorited it.no one ask me who is that because they know it's taylor but is not.it was meant to mira.i miss her a lot the way she smile at my jokes and all the things we do together.i wish i had one day to my sister.just one day like the old times.


Mira's POV

....i text louis that my class is over."honey where are you?" i text him."i'm on my way baby" louis text back."okay honey can't wait to see you" i text him again."me too baby" louis text back again.then after 20 minutes i see louis's car.louis go down and kiss me and i kiss him back.we get in his car and he drove to starbucks."honey what should i wear on you upcoming tour?" i ask."just like your wearing baby" louis said."okay then" i said."your beautiful no matter your wearing baby" louis said."thank you honey" i said.then i order our favorite coffee.then we drink along the way.then i see our house."honey are you sure you don't want to go down?" i ask."no baby maybe next time" louis said."okay" i said and kiss him before i go down."take care and be careful to your driving" i said."yes my princess" louis said. then i see louis is gone.i go nside the house and kiss to my mom.then after that i go upstairs and change my clothes.


....then harry got home after a long tiring day.he ask her mother if mira is there.then her mother said yes.mira is asleep she didn't know it.maybe she's tired too for her school.harry know that mira is going to their tour this weekend.maybe this is the time that people know he have a sister and maybe this is here chance to talk to mira.just find out what will happen.


.....thanks for reading my movellas guys.i really really do appreciate it.without you i will not able to continue of my story.your my inspiration.love you all guys....godbless us all.


                                                                                                                     Lady in Red 29

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