I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


18. The Break-Up (Harry and Taylor)

....harry text taylor to have a dinner with him.harry decide to end his relationship with taylor.taylor is super excited to see harry she didn't know that harry will break her heart.harry is busy preparing for his date tonight and practice all his line and what his gonna say to taylor.while taylor is happy to see harry.


Harry's POV

....i text taylor if she's ready."hey are you ready?i pick you up in less than a minute" i text her."yes i'm ready you can go now if you want" taylor reply.this is it harry you can do it.face it all you were hurting taylor.then i go downstairs."mom i need to go to taylor" i said."okay" mom said.i go get my car and drove to taylor's house.i soon i get to taylor i see her waiting for me."ready" i ask."yes baby" taylor said.we go at nando's to eat."so how's mira and louis baby?" taylor ask while we waiting for our food."there been good" i answer."that's great" taylor said."how about you how are you?" taylor ask again."i'm good" i answer."i'm sorry if i can't be there in your side all the time" taylor said."it's okay taylor but i need to end this relationship" i said.i see taylor's reaction she's shock because of what i said."are you serious harry?" taylor ask."yes taylor i'm sorry as you see were too busy and we have no time for each others" i explain."but if you want i quit my job for you if you ask to marry me" taylor said and tears falling from her cheeks."please taylor don't cry" i said."please don't make this harder for us" i add."if were meant to be one day destiny will do his way" i said."okay but we can be still friends right?" taylor ask."of course taylor" i answer."thanks"taylor said and then we hug each others.that's the time when our food is serve.we eat after we eat i scoot taylor to her house and i go straight to my rehearsal.i thank taylor for her understanding to my decision.i reach our studio and go inside.


....then later that night mira texted louis she ask if she pick her up.but louis didn't reply to mira because his phone is on the car.he forgot to bring his phone on the studio.mira understand why and she know louis was busy rehearsing for their upcoming tour.then go to sleep.


Mira's POV

....i wake up and go down stairs."good morning mom" i greet my mom."good morning baby" mom said."were's my brother?" i ask."his not sleep here" mom answer."okay i need to ride a taxi to go to school" i said."how about louis?" mom ask."hes not answer my text last night maybe hes busy in rehearsing their songs for their up coming tour" i explain."okay" mom said.then i eat breakfast.after that i go upstairs to prepare going in school.i;m ready when i hear a car beep.i look outsude and see louis.i go down and go outside and hug him."me missed baby?" louis ask."yes honey, why you didn't answer my text?" i ask."i'm sorry baby i forgot my phone on my car" louis answer.that's okay honey i understand" i said.then we kiss."opps sorry baby i forgot that were in front of your house" louis said."it's okay were negaged honey remember" i said."but i respect you the way i respect your parents" louis said."that;s why i love you honey" i said."i love you more baby" louis said."lets go" louis said."yeah i don't want to be late" i said.the we get in his car and drove to school.


....then mira and louis reach the school.then mira se riley.riley say hi to louis.but louis's mood change when he see riley.he knows this guy.this guy have a feeling to her fiancee.but for mira sake he say hi too to riley.


Louis's POV

...."hey man stay away from my fiancee" i whisper to him."don't worry man i will not steal your fiancee" riley said."hey you two what are you talking?" mira ask."nothing baby" i said."okay, lets go riley were gonna be late" mira said.then mira come to me and kiss me."take care honey see you later" mira said."see you" i said.then i get to my and drove at our studio.at studio my mind is occupied to the scene that i left.the scne that riley and mira is going to their room.i know that mira was faithful to me but that boy is do i not trust.i know he got a feelings to my fiancee.:hey mate are you okay?" liam ask."yes mate lets go" i said.how about when were on tour.oh it's killing me.just focus on your rehearsal louis and forget that scene.then i practice my line to the song.i close my eyes and think of happy thought about mira.wait i forgot to ask my mate (harry) about him and taylor.imy mate (harry) text to us that he and taylor is break apart.the decision is mutual.because of their busy schedule and job so they end their relationship.i talk to him later.but i see my mate (harry) is in a deep thinking."hey mate you okay?" i ask."yes, why did you ask?" harry ask too."i see you in a deep thinking" i said."yes i am i'm thinking about how i stole my sister to you" harry answer but only in the back of his my mind."hey you didn't answer me" i said."no i'm okay don't worry about me" harry said."are you sure" i ask again."yes i'm sure" harry said."thanks mate" harry add."all the time mate" i said.then i go back to my place where i seat earlier.


.....now that harry is break up with taylor what his plan?how can he plan to steal mira from louis if mira is in love eith louis.poor harry all he want is to be love by his sister but can't be because of louis.mira is happy with his fiancee.but wait if mira knows that she's not a real Styles.that she's only seen at the parking a lot of a grocery.is there any possibilities that mira and harry be together or mira continue her love to louis.just see on my next chapter.


.....thanks to all my readers.love you all guys....godbless us all....

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