I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


22. The Beach Scene ( Louis and Mira )

.....louis had seen a perfect beach to go to and to spent more time with mira.because after that cruise louis will be busy in their tour.so he ask permission to mira's parents if he can spent alone with mira in two days before he live.louis's tour will be one to two months long.louis didn't know if he can survive for  not seeing mira.


Louis's POV

.....i stop the yacht and go down on the water and i hold mira's hand to get her down too."it's beautiful here honey" mira said."i'm glad you like it" i said."how long we've been staying here?" mira ask."we have one night here baby before i go on tour" i answer.then mira come to me and hug me."hey don't be sad i will be calling you everyday okay" i said."promise me" mira said."i promise baby" i said."now lets go on your room" i said."wait for seperate?" mira ask."of course baby,your parents trusting me so i won't break that trust" i explain."oh your so sweet honey" mira said.then we go to mira's room and of course my room will be at the next one."i need to check my room too baby" i said."just give me a knock baby if you need anything" i add."okay but you need to rest see you later" mira said.:okay baby bye" i said.then i go to my room and lay down on my bed.i'm tired because of whole night driving.i fall asleep with a smile in my lips.


Mira's POV

....i lay my back in the bed and feel it.i feel so relax the bed is so soft and encourage me to go to sleep so i fall asleep.i didn't know for ow long.i'm dreaming og something.'i'm dreaming my wedding day is come but i'm not marrying louis.the man in the altar is mystery to me because i can't see hes face.when the man is ready to face me i heard someone knock on my door so i wake up and rud my eyes.i stand up and open the door and see who's knocking."hey did i wake you up?" louis ask."not really honey" i answer.but i'm not in the mood because i'm still thinking about my dream before louis knock on my door.who is that guy?what is the meaning of my dream?oh mira get rid of that dream and beside it's just a dream it won't happen."baby are you okay?" louis ask."yes honey,why did you aask?" i ask too."beacuse i'm asking you where we going to eat" louis asnwer."i'm sorry honey" i said."it's okay with me anywhere you want" i add."okay so lets go" louis ask."wait i change my clothes" i said."okay i wait you here" louis said."okay" i said.

                                        mira's wearing when they eat along the beach

"it is okay with you honey i wear this clothes?" i ask."of course baby" louis answer."then lets go" i said.then we walk outside and look for some place to eat.every boys look at me but louis put hes arm around my waist to tell every boy that i'm taken from him."i love you honey" i said."but i love you more baby' louis answer."i know and i thankful with that" i said.then we see a perfect spot for breakfast to eat.we order food and we eat after that louis ask if we go for a walk.we take some picture in our phones and make it our wallpaper.after we walk we decide to seat on the one of the cottage was been there.i'm lean on louis shoulder and sleep for while.louis do the same.i wake up and go for a swim.louis still sleeping.i come to my room and change my outfit.

                                         mira's wearing in her swimming time

mira see louis is still sleeping.it's so hot so she swim and feel the cold water in her body.she miss this and she miss harry too.oh what are you saying mira said in her other side of her mind.now my ind is battling with her other side of her brain.stop that your with your fiancee it's not fair.louis really loves you.i go for swim to get rid of harry image in my mind.i didn't notice louis is watching me for a far.


Louis's POV

....when i'm awake i don't see mira in my side.i came to look for her and i see her to the beach swimming alone.i watch her because i'm amaze with her move.i didn't know what she's wearing i onthink she's wearing the same clothes she's wearing a while ago."hi baby how's the water?" i ask."it's fine come go for a swim" mira answer."just come here" i said."okay" mira said.thi see mira is going to me.damn she's wearing a swimsuit.i'm smile when i see her.

                                          this is louis's reaction when he see mira

"honey are you okay?" mira ask."yes baby i'm okay don't mind me" i said."baby put some clothes,here's your towel cover your body" i said."honey don't worry no one will steal me form you" mira answer." i know i don't want any guy looking at you" i answer."okay" mira said.come it's so clod in here you might catch a flu if you stay wet" i said."okay" mira said."beside were we going home my mate (liam) just text me there's a change in our concert" i said."okay we get our things and back at the yacht" mira said."okay lets go" i said.then we go back in our room and get our thing.and as soon we get our things we go to our yacht."careful baby" i said."thank you honey" mira said.then i go up and start the engine."if you want to go to rest i be fine here" i said."okay but i rest here where i can watch you and see you" mira said."okay if that's what you want" i said.then i see mira lay her back at the chair that has been there.i concentrate to my driving even it's hard because of mira's presence.


.......louis and mira get in their town in no time.liam need to talk to louis because of what he doing this fast few days.louis skip hes rehearsal and mira didn't know it.louis need to apologize to hes mates.louis get mira home and he go home to.he will talk to hes mates tomorrow.i hope hes mate (liam) understand why he do that thing.lately hes been dreaming a weird.he see mira was marrying another guy instead of him.he didn't tell mira about it because he doesn't want to mira to think about it.he didn't see the guy face.


what will happen to louis and mira?can they possible break apart and hurt each others self.just catch it on my next chapter....thanks guys....love you all....godbless us all




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