I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


8. The Accident

....after they take coffee they go home.harry go upstairs and take a bath he feels exhausted in this day.while mira was seating in the side of her mother watching her mother busy preparing their dinner.Mrs.Styles cooking a roasted chicken.mira memorizing every ingredients that her mother putting on the chicken.then harry go down and seat beside mira.they now both watching their mother while preparing the chicken.then suddenly harry tickle mira and mira start laughing.then mira tickle her mother.her mother start to shout.and laughing with them.Mr.Styles hear it and join them.the house is full of happiness.then they eat dinner and after that harry and mira wash the dishes.then they go to bed.

....early in the morning harry wake up and take a bath.he promise that he will be early in their rehearsal.when hes done he knocks on the door of mira.he wake up mira.then mira walking out her room.they both going down and making a sandwich for their breakfast.


Mira's POV

...mira finish first she drink her milk and toothbrush her teeth."make it faster brother" i said."okay mira" i said.then i see my brother finish his breakfast too."mom were going" harry said."okay harry just be careful when your driving" mom said."yes mom" harry said again.i get to the car and harry start the car's engine.when were in the middle of the road harry bump into another car.i don't know what happen next.i just hear a siren of a ambulance.i'm trying to open my eyes but i couldn't open them.i hear my brother calling my name."mira where are you?" harry shout.the next i know i'm in the hospital.i open my eyes and see there's a nurse in my room."excuse me nurse" i said in a soft voice.i'm weak i can't move my body."yes miss styles" nurse said."where is my brother?" i ask."oh mr.harry styles?" nurse ask."hes in the next room" nurse answer."is he okay" i ask again.i see the nurse face when i ask that question."please answer me i'm begging you" i said."mr.harry is still not awake till now" nurse said."since when" i ask."since the day that the accident was happen."did my parents know it?" i ask again."yes actually there in the room of your brother" nurse said."please do me a favor.can you tell them i'm awake now" i said."yeah sure" nurse said."thank you" i said.i remember now we bump into another car my brother didn't see it.he cover his body to me so i don't get hurt bad.i'm crying when my parents entered my room."mira your awake.thank god" mom cried."how's my brother?" i ask my mom.even do i hear it from the nurse.i still want to hear from my mom."his not awake since the accident happen."his he hurt bad?" i ask again."yes my dear" mom answer."it's all my fault mom he cover his body to me so that i don't get hurt bad" i said."don't say that mira.your brother loves you so he so that" mom explain."we need to pray for your brother's fast recovery and he awake soon" mom said in the middle of crying."please mom i need to see my brother" i said."okay i just get a wheel chair" mom said.when my mom getting the wheel chair i pray for him that give me strength to his what my brother's condition.when my mom is get back she have a wheel cahir and were going to the next room where's my brother is.


....Mrs.Styles knock on the door and Mr.Styles open it.when he sse his daughter mira he hug her.Mr.Styles wish that his son will be awake soon.when mira see his brother she hold the side of the wheel chair.she was crying and feel guilty because of her that's why his brother was here in condition like this.she see that there's so may wounds all over the body of his brother.he get near to his brother and say something.


Mira's POV

..."please be awake now.thank you for saving my life.this is all my fault." i said in the middle of my crying."mira don't say that, your brother loves you that's why he protect you" dad said."do you know if your brother hear you he love to hear those words?" mom ask,"no beacuse he don't want to" i answer."we just pray that he will be awake" mom add.then we hear a knock on the door.dad open it.my brother's band mates.they all shock when they see me.they didn't know that harry has a sister.mom,dad and harry decide not to tell about me.we talk about it and it's okay with me.i hear mom introducing me to the boys."louis,liam,zayn and niall meet harry's youngest sister mira" mom said.they all shock but liam is the one who talk."nice meeting you mira and all the rest of us" liam said."harry always say a story about you guys how lucky he have you as hos lads" i said."nice meeting you all" i said."now what happen?"louis ask."were going into my school, suddenly there's a car that bump into our car before my brother know it we bump into the car and he cover me up not to hurt me bad" i said while i'm crying."now look at him,his been sleeping since the accident happen" i added."sorry mira we know you don't want to remember it" niall said, looking at my brother."i wish hes awake and hear all of us" i said."brother look were all here for you please fight for us" i added."mira stop that it's dangerous to your health your not really okay" dad said."mira just get back at your room" mom said."okay mom.bye dad.bye boys" i said."bye mira nice meeting you again" louis said.


....then mira is getting back in her room with her mom.mom call the nurse check on my temperature.i see the nurse going in my room check on me and taking my blood pressure.while in the room of my brother the boys is talking about mira.they find mira so pretty.they know if mira have a boyfriend.liam's not interested.he had recently break up he don't want to enter another and one thing mira is sister of his mate.he look at harry there's so many wounds that harry need to get recover.


Liam's POV

...."hey stop that" i said."tell me mate your not interested to mira?"louis ask."i am not first i had recently break up and she's harry's sister" liam answer."were here to see harry not to fantasy his sister" liam added."sorry mate" zayn said.then i get near to see harry."mate you need to wake up now we miss you" i said.:without you the band is incomplete" i add."thanks liam i know my son can hear you" Mr.Styles said.then we stay for few minutes and decide to go home."we need to go uncle" liam said."okay thanks again for coming here" Mr.styles said.then we said our goodbye and go to our car where is park.we are all sad of our mate situation.but we pray for his fast recovery.


....all the boys go home on their own.liam is the most hurt among the four because his close to harry.everytime he had a problem harry is the one who tell his problem.his the one that liam can count on.after their rehearsal they go to the hospital and see their mate how on progress in his situation.it's almost one week now when the accident is happen.they all losing hope.but they reminded that harry is a fighter.mira's is totally okay.she the one who clean his brother's body.mira is crying when she doing it everyday.he wish and pray to god that his brother is awake one of this day.she don't want to see his brother like this.then suddenly harry's hand is moving.mira was happy and tell it to her mom and dad.


....can possible awake?find out on my next chapter....thanks guys for reading...i really appreciate it.love you all.to god be the glory.godbless us all....


                                                           " ONE THING "

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