I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


19. Shocking Truth (about mira's real life)

...after that rehearsal harry decide not to go home.he go to liam's house and sleep over there.harry left first thing in the morning.but when he gets home he still get to sleep because hes awake up all night thinking mira.harry stay in bed until 6pm in the evening.


Harry's POV

.....i wake up from the voice arguing outside my room.i stand up and look who it is.i come to my dad and mom's room where the voices is coming from.i didn't intend to listen to them but in my curiosity i stay and listen to them.i hear my mom telling something about mira to my dad.but my dad disapprove to it.but my mom begging him."okay we'll tell it tongiht" dad said to my mom."but what if mira ask her real parents?" dad ask mom."we tell her that we see her at the parking area of the supermarket" mom answer.i'm shock to what i hear mira is not my real sister.how did it happen?.i ask myself.i walk away from that room but i make a noise so my dad and my mom run outside and see me."harold how long have been you there?' dad ask."long enough to hear all your conversation" i answer."i'm sorry harry for not telling you this" mom said."how could you hide it from me?" i ask."it's for your own good" dad said."i know you have feelings for your sister" dad add."yes since were a kid" i said."i try to control it and ignore it but it's getting worse everyday i see her" i explain."harry you cannot do this because your sister is engaged with your friend louis" mom said."i know but i will fight for my love for her now i know the truth" i said.then i walk away and go outside.i hear my mom calling me."harry wait don't go" mom said.but i continue to get to my car and drove anywhere and far away from our home.i'm crying how can i fight for you mira if you're in love with my mate (louis)?.i;m crazy because i'm talking to myself.i see my mate (louis) car's.is going to our house.he didn't see me.


Mira's POV

....i wake up from all the voices outside my room.i stand up and go outside and check.but all i see is dad."dad what happen?" i ask."i tell you later" dad answer."okay" i said.then i go again in my room and wash my face.but i hear y phone rung."hello honey" i said."hello baby" louis said."ready" louis ask."ready for what?" i ask too."i'm taking you to the beach tonight baby" louis answer."okay give me five minutes" i said."okay i just wait for your here in the front of your house" louis said."what?, okay i'll be there in a minute" i said ang finish washing my face.i go to my closet and look and what should i wear.louis is waiting outside.i decide to wear pants and blouse.

                                         this mira's wearing going to the beach and hair is like that

then i go down but my mom calling me."where are you going mira?" mom ask."i'm going out with louis mom" i answer."okay where?" mom ask again."hes taking me to the beach mom" i said."make sure you will go home early okay" mom said."yes mom i will" i siad."thank and love you" i add."love you too baby" mom said.then i continue to walk."sorry for your waiting honey" i said."its worth it baby" louis said."shall we" louis ask."of course" i said.then we get to his car and louis drove to the beach.


Harry's POV

....i wait for my mate (louis) and mira outside.when i see mira is going close to my mate (louis) i feel jealous.i'm the one who feeling that mate not you.when they get to car and may mate (louis) drove i follow them.they go to the beach.my mate (louis) park his car along the way and i did the same.damn the way my mate holding mira's waist i want to punch him but it is not right beacuse my mate is mira's fiancee.he has all the right to do it.i come close to them so i can hear what they talking about."honey it's perfect thank you" i hear mira said."you deserve it baby" louis said."i love you LOUIS TOMLINSON" mira said.i'm hurt when mira say those words to my mate (louis)."i love you more MIRA STYLES" louis said.then they giggle.wait until you know the truth mira.i know you have a feelings too for me.i will let you enjoy this night."baby what if you stay with me?" louis ask mira.i'm shock to that question."honey we talk about this right" mira answer."i know but i want to see you everyday when i wake up" louis said."your so sweet, i want it too but we have to wait until i finish my study" mira said."okay sorry for bringing that topic" louis said."it's okay honey i understand" mira said.then i go to my car and go home.it is not right to spy on mira and louis's date.when i get home i see it's all dark inside.i go upstairs and go to my room.i lay down in bed and close my eyes.i wish i forget all the love i have for you mira.if i can only teach my heart to unlove you i do it.but is not it's you that i've been looking for and loving all this time.i fall asleep for those question.


....now that harry knows the truth is there any changes in hes life and mira's life.can mira finally love harry?.just find out in my next chapter.guys this the continuation of the prologue.in my next chapter mira will know all about her real life and she is just seen by Mr.and Mrs.Stlyes.


.....thank you all guys....love you all....godbless us all.

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