I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


24. Mira gets hurt by ( louis )

....eleanor is planning to steal louis form mira.eleanor just got the best in her mind how to get louis's back to her.she go to the coffee shop (Starbucks) and buy six coffee she will go to the boys studio and see louis.


Eleanor's POV

.... i ride a taxi so that later louis will get me home.i get there and go inside their studio."hi eleanor what you doing here?" liam ask."missing my boys" i answer."by the way i bought some coffee" i said."oh thanks eleanor" liam answer."i smell coffee" niall said."yes i brought some for you guys" i answer."thanks eleanor" zayn said."welcome" i said."harry can you give it to louis?" i ask."sure eleanor" harry answer."thanks" i said."hes busy talking to my sister" harry answer.i'm hurt by simple heard at mira's name.but i continue to zip my coffee and harry is going out in the studio."my mate said thanks" harry said.then after we drinks our coffee the boys is going inside the studio."are you okay here eleanor?" liam ask."yes don't worry" i answer."okay just wait for us" liam add."sure" i answer.then we they busy singing their song i look at the glass and see if louis is singing.oh there he is looking good.he always capture me heart with hes simple smile.i wonder how can i get hes trust back to me.then after one hour of waiting the boys is finish to their rehearsal."hey eleanor sorry for the long wait" harry said."it's okay harry" i answer."so do you have any car you brought to you?" liam ask."no i don't have i ride a taxi to get here" i answer."hey mate can you give a ride to eleanor?" liam ask and looking to louis."of course but i need to pick up mira from school,it is okay with you if go there before i get you home?" louis answer and ask me."it's okay" i answer."okay then lets go mira is waiting for me" louis said."mates i go ahead" louis add.okay take care" niall said.then we go to louis's car and he open the back door for me."sorry eleanor because mira is seat at the front" louis said."no it's okay louis" i answer but deep inside i'm hurting.then he close the door and he get in the car and drive at mira's school.


Mira's POV

....why louis is not here?what time is it?.then  i see hes car i smile and go to the gate.i see my fiancee going down on the car.i wave at him and smile."hey baby sorry for your waiting" louis said."it's okay honey" i said."by the way eleanor is there" louis said."why?" i ask."she go to the studio this morning and bought us coffee" louis answer."okay" i said."lets go" louis said."wait your forgetting something" louis ask."and what is that honey?" i ask too."this" before i protest louis kiss me and i thank because no one in there."honey why did you do that?" i ask again."because i miss you baby" louis answer."okay now eleanor is waiting for us" i said.then louis open the front door and close it.he get in the other side and get inside the car."hi eleanor good to see you" i said."thanks mira" eleanor said."how's school?" eleanor ask."it's good but i need to review for upcoming exam this week" i answer."oh i see" eleanor said."honey you need to get eleanor home first because i need to buy some book in the book store" i said."it is okay with you eleanor?" louis ask."yes louis" eleanor answer.then louis drive at eleanor's place.after twenty to thirty minutes we get at eleanor house."thanks for the ride" eleanor said."all the time eleanor" i said."bye" louis said."bye guys" eleanor said.then louis drive at the mall where i can by the book i need to school for tomorrow."honey just wait here" i said."okay baby take your time" louis said."okay" i said then kiss him.i go down and go inside the mall.i go to the book store and find what i need.


Louis's POV

....then i see mira going inside at the book store when my phone is beep.it's unknown number saying "hi".i reply and asking who he/she is?.she reply because she said she's a girl.i reply saying i'm engaged and taken.she text again saying "i don't care because your not even married".i reply saying "i'm faithful to my future wife i love her so much i can't live without her".she just said "be careful".oh i just got irritated so i off my phone.then i thank god for doing that because mira is here and walking toward in my car."sorry honey" mira said."it's okay baby" i said."my phone is dead i need to charge it when i get home" i add.damn i hate lying to her.i start the engine and drove in their house.we get at mira's house."see you tomorrow honey" mira said and kiss me."okay i love baby" i said."i love you too honey" mira answer.then she wave at me and i start my car and drove home.who is that girl?tomorrow i need to change my number.she might ruin my relationship to mira.i get home and lay down in my bed.i don't turn on my phone so that girl will not text me.but i forget to call mira that night.the next morning i go to the mall and change my number i throw my old one and forget to get mira's number there.


....mira is waiting for louis but there is no louis is going to their house to pick her and bring her to the school.so harry decide to drop mira to her school.harry gets angry at hes mate (louis) for doing this to her sister.louis forget that he pick up mira.he drive and go to mira's house but mirs is not there anymore.her mom said harry take her at school before going to their rehearsal.louis is so sad and frustrating.he drive at their studio.because of that mysterious girl who text louis he forget mira.


Harry's POV

....he punch hes mate (louis) and louis fall to the ground."damn you to hurt my sister" i said."i'm sorry mate" louis answer."where are you at eleanor's place?" i ask."no i totally forget to pick her up i'm sorry" louis answer."i will not cheat to her mate trust me" louis add."promise i will make it up later" louis said."you must be because of you i see my sister crying" i said."i don't want her seeing crying again mate" i said."i promise she will not cry because of me" louis said."okay lets go inside and rehearse" liam said.yes my mates there and try to get in the middle of us.niall holding louis while me liam is the one who hold me."hey mate can i get mira's number?" louis ask."why?" i ask too."my phone is lost so i decide to buy new one" louis explain."okay here" i said."thanks" louis said.then we go inside.but my mate (louis) call my sister.i stay closer to the door to hear them."hey baby i'm really sorry earlier" my mate said."i know baby i lost my phone so i need to buy one" my mate explain again."i make it up to you later" my mate said."thanks baby i love you" my mate said.maybe mira forgive him but i watch you mate.then i see him going inside i go to the couch and seat."lets go mates" louis said."okay it's seem your okay mate?" zayn ask."yes mira give my forgiveness" louis answer."okay then lets go" niall said.then we go inside in the studio and rehearse our songs.after that louis waas leaving us and going at mira's school.


....but before louis go to mira's school he see eleanor.he ask eleanor where she going.eleanor said at the mall.he ask her if she need a ride.eleanor said yes and said she nee a ride because her car is broke.then louis go to mira's school.mira see louis's car and go there.but she see louis and eleanor was kissing but not.louis is just saying something to eleanor.mira is shock.she can't believe it louis will do this to her.louis didn't see mira.where is mira?eleanor didn't tell louis that she see mira was going to hes car.


......what will happen to louis and mira?did finally eleanor get louis back?just fnd out in my next chapter guys....thanks a lot and love you all.....sorry for not specifying totally why mira get hurt by louis....promise in my next chapter i will indicate it....godbless us all

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