I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


4. Mira and Harry moments of truth....

....next day in the morning mira wake up early and get ready for school.she get down and see her mom was cooking a pancakes with honey and butter on top.mira prepare the table.any minute her dad and brother were going down.then mira see his brother coming down and sit on the front of the table.she saw his brother looking again to her.he glares at him so that he focus on other thing.but mira forgetting something, mira thinking what she left.oh no! she left her notes for her lesson for that day.she decide to go upstairs and look for the notes that she write last night.then when she was going down she see his brother walking toward him.he hold her hand and pull her on the side of the stairs.what harry is planning to do with her sister?


Harry's POV

...when i see mira i garb her and pull her on the side of the stairs."mira are you avoiding me?" harry ask mira."no i'm not brother, i'm just late for school that's why." mira replied."but how about last night i knock on your door but you didn't bother to answer me" harry asking me mira again."oh i'm sorry i just asleep last night, i didn't know your knocking.i'm tired of school there's so many work paper that i need to read" mira said."okay.i'm sorry i didn't know" harry said in apologetic way."but i want to say something on you, i wish you won't angry at me.i love you mira.i know it's wrong but this is really how i feel about you" harry said."mira's reaction is shock"."mira say something" harry ask her."your not suppose to feel that way about me your my brother and i'm your sister" mira said to harry."i know but what will i do?my feelings for you is growing everyday" harry said again."just forget it my brother it's wrong okay" mira replied.then harry grab her sister and hug her tight."my brother let me go<maybe mom and dad will see us" mira said in the low voice."oh i'm sorry it never happen again" harry said."i forgive you for now my brother" mira replied."thank you mira, lets go maybe mom and dad is waiting for us" harry said.we get back in the table and eat and pretend that never happen earlier.


Mira"s POV

...i get finish my breakfast and get ready for school."i wait for you outside brother" i said to harry."okay i almost done" harry replied.i get my things and get out and wait for my brother outside.why my brother is taking so long.i'm gonna late for school.i get to the car and seat on the back.i see harry was coming out and see me at the back.he open the door and grab and he seat me to the front of the car."i'm not your driver mira" said my brother to me."oh sorry i just feel uneasy if i'm near to you brother" i said to him."may i know why?" harry ask me.wait can i really tell that i have feelings too with him.no just hide it while you can mira.just wait for the right time."mira you didn't answer my question" my brother asking me."because you just confess your feelings to me, that's why." i replied."okay just relax i won't bite you" harry said.then he start the car and drove.i wish we arrive at the university.i don't like what i'm feeling right now that he was near at me.i can smell his perfume.oh god give me strength to stand next to my brother.i know it's wrong but i love him even more than a brother.forgive me lord for what i'm doing wrong.guide me in every decision i made.


Harry's POV

...i see mira was busy thinking.her mind is somewhere else."hey mira what are you thinking?" harry ask."nothing brother, i'm just remembering my lesson for today" mira said."just don't think what i said earlier okay" harry said."yeah, thanks" mira replied.then finally we got in her school."just wait for me later after your class okay" harry said."yes brother, thanks for the ride" mira replied.i saw one boy was looking to my sister.but mira didn't notice it because she was busy reading on her notes.who is that?i'm gonna watch that guy.he probably steal mira from me.but how can i do that if i'm away from mira?.and i'm only attending homeschooled.i graduate this year and i'm forgetting something i'm popular.oh mira how i wish you study also in home no need to go to school.but mira don't want it.i need to relax my mind.i get lost in our rehearsal.finally i arrive at the place and see my lads our waiting for me."harry what took you so long"liam ask me."i'm sorry i drop by my sister in her school"i replied."okay just get ready the others is waiting" liam said."wait liam are you okay?" harry ask liam."yeah i'm okay mate, thanks for your concern" liam said to me.then we go to studio and rehearse.i wish i get concentrate to what i'm doing.but everytime i sing i remember mira.the song were reheasing is " IRRESISTIBLE ".i remember mira's lips.oh harry get your grip mira is your sister.ho i wish i fight it someday.i respect my mom and dad an i respect mira too.i turn my head down and feel frustrated.i excuse myself to my lads and go to the bathroom.i wash my face and stay there for many minutes.i heard someone knocking.i open it and see louis."any problem mate?"louis ask."yes but it's complicated" i said."care to tell me all about it" louis said again."no i need to hide all by myseld, but if the time is come i want to share it all of you lads" i said."okay mate" louis said."can i lay down and rest for a while?" harry ask the lads."yeah" liam answer.then i lay down on the couch and try to get some sleep.



.....harry don't know what to do?he just know that he can't fight anymore his feeling to her sister.but he didn't want to disappoint his parents.what do you think harry will do to fight for his feeling to her sister?.does he really know what his doing?what about mira can she really fight for her feeling in his brother?they love each other but it is wrong.they sister and brother.but they didn't know that mira was just see in the parking lot when Mr. and Mrs. Styles going home after their grocery done.can Mr. and Mrs. Styles hide for a long time.what if one day there's a mother looking for her daughter.


           ..........just find out in my next chapter guys.love you #29

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