I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


31. Mira and Harry big fight

...when they in the car harry ask mira if she's happy seeing his mate (louis).mira is shock hearing it by harry.she's so disappointed to harry.they use harry car and foolow the car of their parents.they are going in a classic restaurant as a reward for their parents.


Harry's POV

...tell me are you happy?i ask."happy to what?" mira ask back."come on i know what i meant" i said."harry i don't know what are you talking about" mira said.then we are silent in our whole trip.i see mira close her eyes.why i'm so frustrated and jealous about my mate (louis).i know mira still love him but i know in time that love will be gone and i'm hoping that she will be loving me as i love her.when we arrive at the restaurant i wake her up."babe we're here" i said."oh okay baby" mira said *rub her eyes*."no, it's okay i can take care of myself" mira said.i try to hold her hand while going down in the car."now what's the matter?" i ask."what's the matter?" mira said *laugh*."i ask yourself" mira add.*confused face* i know the reason the question i ask earlier.but i'm just being honest with my feeling.i see mira going in the restaurant alone.i will apologize later when we go home.i decide to go inside and be normal in front of our parents.


Mira's POV

...why is so acting that nothing happen?i hate him.harry do everything to make me feel that he love me.i don't know if my love is lost or it just set aside when me and louis are in a relationship.i do really love harry now.i don't want to lose him and i'm sure that in my heart he's the one i want to spend my life with."mira are you okay?" dad ask *looks confused*."yeah dad" i answered *smile*."babe what do you want?" harry ask."anything" i answered *fake smile*."mira how's you're report doing?" mom ask."it's good and we finalize it mom" i answered.then our food is served.harry put some foods in my plate and i said thank you to him.but it doesn't mean i forgive him for being immature a while ago.after eating dinner dad order a dessert.he ordered ice cream and four slices of cakes.after we eat dessert we go home.in our trip i am silent.i don't want to speak and i don't want to talk with him.i decide to sleep until we reach the house.


Harry's POV

...what will i do now?mira is angry at me *sad face*.you can do it harry.i hope she love me now and not my mate (louis).i can't afford to lose her now.i will die and i cannot continue my life without her beside me.when we arrive at our house i wake her up and she didn't wait for me and she go inside our house."harry is there a problem with you and mira?" dad ask."nothing dad maybe she's tired from doing her report" i answered."okay sleep now because you will bring you're fiancee in school tomorrow" dad said."yes dad" i answered.i go to my room but i want to go at mira's room to say my sorry but how can i do that if she's angry at me?.are you still in love with my mate (louis) mira?i will give up if you're still love him and let you go even if i love you.harry didn't know mira is listening to other side of her door.mira is crying when she heard harry saying those words if she can only go and run and hug harry by that time she will go and do it.but it's harry's fault why she's mad.then harry go to his room and lay on his bed.


early in the morning mira wake so early she don't want to see or talk to harry.her daddy is so confused of mira's doing.her mommy wants to ask but decide not because mira and harry will solve it.mira called riley if he can pick her up for schol.riley is happy when he see mira was calling him and they go to school together.


Mira's POV

...we arrive at school early so we decide to practice our report.but i think riley notice that i'm not in the mood."hey are you okay?" riley ask."*sigh* not really" i answered."but why?you can tell me if you want" riley said."me and harry had a fight not just a ordinary fight" i answered."fight of what?" riley ask."*breathe so deep* about louis" i answered."what?but you're already engaged to him" riley explain."yes i don't know why he's acting like that" i said *tears forming in my eyes*."*tapping her back* don't be sad i know you will be okay" riley said."i hope riley" i said."lets go to our classroom" i add."yeah we should" riley said *smile*.then we go upstairs in our room.i hope i can focus on our report.i don't want riley get a low grade me as well.i'm graduating student i want to graduate with flying colors and my parents proud of me.when our class is done in the whole afternoon my classmates are running and panicking.i wonder why.one of my classmates yell at my name and said "mira you're fiancee is here along with his band mates singing for you and asking for you're forgiveness".i run fast when i heard that.


Harry's POV

...i ask the help of my mates to say sorry to mira.i sing a song that she love and i love too.i sang first "STRONG" because she made me strong and powerful whenever she's around me, secong is "HAPPILY" because no matter what people around us saying i'm still continue to love her until the end and our favorite is "HALF HEART" because whenever i'm in tour and not with her my heart is here with her.when i see mira i walk over to her and sing with all my heart at the same time crying."*crying* harry what are you doing?" mira ask."i'm really sorry babe" i answered *crying too*."oh! harry how can i resist you" mira said *wiping her tears*."babe i love you more than my life" i said *smile*.then we hug we don't care if are so many people around us.*kiss her* i love kissing her because it was so sweet as cherry."i don't know what to do if you're angry at me babe" i add."yeah right now you know who's the boss" mira jokes *laughing*."yes mam" i said *laughing too*.we all laugh and people around us clap."so can i invite my future Harry Styles to go for a dinner?" harry ask."i will be honor baby" i answered *chuckled*.we hop in my car in go in our favorite restaurant.


...can this happily moments will last forever?what if taylor and louis do and planning to win their love back?just catch it on my next chapter.i'm really sorry for late update i'm so busy guys.but anyway thank you so much i really appreciate it.love you all.mwah.........to god be the glory


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