I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


38. confession

..when mira confirmed that she's pregnant she called harry immediately.harry is not answering his phone.maybe harry is busy at his rehearsal.needs harry now.how can mira be so happy?she needs to graduated first before the baby come out.


Harry POV's

...after our rehearsal i check my phone.damn!mira called me many times.i dialed her number quickly *ringing*."hello babe" mira answered."hey baby i'm sorry i didn't hear your call" i said."it's okay babe.can you go home earlier?" mira ask *long sigh*."but why baby?" i ask too."i tell you when you get home" mira answered."is there any problem baby?" i ask again."later babe.take care" mira said *tears start falling in her face*."i can hear your crying princess, what's the matter?" i asked."i'm okay baby" mira answered."see you later baby" mira add.she end the call without saying i love you.i can sense something is wrong.after a few songs i bid my goodbye to my mates.i just told situation came.i go where my car is.i drove away.my wife has a problem.i hope this is noit serious.before going i bought a three white roses for my beautiful wife.twenty minutes and i'm home."babe i'm here now"  i shout."mira is in your room" mom said.i go to my mom and kiss her."i will check on her mom" i said *smile*.i go upstairs and look for her.i was feel pity on her when i saw her crying at the side our bed."what's wrong baby?" i asked."i'm preg---nant" mira cried out loud."ssshhhh baby is that a good news?" i asked again."but how about my study and what will mom and dad say to me?" mira ask too."i know they will understand it baby" i answer."now go fix yourself and go down okay, they need to know that beautiful news" i add *smile*.i hug her before she goes to the bathroom.


Mira POV'S

....when i heard that the door closed i cry again.i'm still thinking what will be they reactions."mira the food is ready" mom called."i'm coming mom" i answer *long sighs*.you can do it mira beside harry is there to  comfort and helped you to explained why that happen."hurry mira " dad said."i'm here dad" i said *chuckle*."i'm just so excited to see you baby" dad said *smile*.i sit where is harry is."dad, mom we have something to tell you" harry started."but first we didn't intend to do it, it was an accident" harry add.i did not control not to cry but still tears streaming on my face."why are you crying mira baby?" mom ask."she's pregnant mom" harry answer.everybody keeps in silent and i looked at gemma, no reactions at all.dad break the silent."yes! did you hear that anne we're having a grandchild" dad said in happy tone.mom stand up and hug me."i'm happy for you mira my baby" mom congratulate me."mom she's not a baby anymore because she's having a baby" gemma said *smile*."you're not mad at me mom and dad?" i ask."of course not mira.why did you think like that?" mom ask too."it's just i'm still studying and how can i continue if i'm pregnant" i answer *sad face*."hey it's okay i guess we're expecting our baby before you get deliver" dad explain."thanks mom and dad" i said *sobbing*."enough with that cry now" dad said.then we all hug each other.i was so blessed because i have a family like this.thank you lord for giving me a loving, caring and understanding family.i promise to them i will graduate and i will make them proud to me.

                                              this is harry's reactions when he heard that mira is pregnant



let see what happen to mira and  harry.imagine their having a baby.let's wait for mira's baby to come.

...thanks for reading my story.sorry for the late update.to god bethe glory.godbless us all




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