Dreams cost fortune

Just a normal girl realizing her dreams coming true, what she doesn't realizes is that these dreams will cost her so much , her friends , her love , join a teenage girl on journey to stardom and watch her realize what fortune does dreams actually cost (contains explicit language)


3. What the actual.....

****Liam's P.O.V.****
Lads and I are currently waiting around the entrance of Nando's because apparently India has not been able to find a parking spot for her car in the parking lot. While we were waiting I can't help but wonder why none of the fans have spotted us and why we haven't been mobbed yet , not that I'm complaining, of course not, I think that lads are also thinking about the same thing because they all look deep in thoughts and too engrossed in their thinking as they are keeping quite and not even bothering to chat up with one another. It's been more than 10 minutes and she still wasn't there, where the hell is that girl. Just as I was about to tell the lads that I'm going to look for her , India came into view with a group of teenagers, laughing and chatting with them happily. She started looking around entrance to find us. When she spotted us, she and that group bid goodbyes to each other and she started on her way towards us.We met and started heading inside,  once inside,  we all were again surprised as none of the customers bothered with us but only with India , who was given warm smiles and some even waved towards her as she lead us towards a table in the back to avoid attention, as if I thought to myself . She surprised us even more by returning their gestures and smiling and waving back to them, it was very polite of her. Once we reached the table,  it was an semi circular one, we were seated something like this
 louis .
Just as were seated ,an waiter came to us and started taking our orders. He seemed like ab good young lad to me and the reason why I said it is because he was taking nervous glanced towards India every once in a while and a blush was surely making an easy on India's cheeks, not that I've any day in that matter.  Lads didn't make an fuss about it seeing she was still a stranger to us but also Harry's nose flaring and Niall's clenching and unclenching didn't go unnoticed by me.  He left after taking our orders but still kept glancing towards India way but nobody else seemed to notice it,  just as he was out of ear shot area,  Louis began,  '' So India, tell us about yourself ? ''.
'' well,  I'm India as you already know...'' we all nodded for her to keep going on.
''....I'm 17 and.....  ''
''so where are you from?? ''...louis interrupted her. 
'' as i was saying before being rudely interrupted , very rudely,  might I add,  I'm of Indian descending.... '' , before she can continue any further,  an waitress came with our food.  She began setting up out food on the table while her gaze was totally fixed on India,  India, according to me was might going to say thank you and glanced towards waitress and waitress who was staring at her beforehand didn't seem at all fazed , instead she kept with her staring and sweet smile . India looked bewildered at this discovery and started looking around nervously , blush creeping on face , ears and even on her neck and said thank you very shyly . The waitress who seemed around 20 beamed at India's and said , "no worries , darling ". She was almost done with setting up our foods when she passed India an note with her number and something else written on it . India who was blushing furiously already seemed to blush even more , if that's possible and quietly took the note , waitress turned around to whatever but not before throwing an wink towards India's way . It was so cute watching her blush like this , she looked like an school girl with all that blushing .Just as the waitress was of earshot , Niall said , "omg India , look at you " ,in a fake girly voice , nudging her a little .
"Shut up " , India mumbled , which was very funny , so all of us burst out laughing .This caused India to frown a little at first but then she also joined in our laughing session , obviously founding the encounter entertaining and funny . Once the laughter had died down , India was the first to speak and said , "that was so embarrassing !! ", while putting her face in her hands  . This caused all of us chuckle . 
"You should have seen your face !!!" , Louis said while chuckling , which only got him an poked out tongue from India.
"Yeah , you were red as a tomato !! , Harry added more .
Rolling her eyes , India replied, "Was not " , defending her self .
"Oh yes you were , I would have eaten you if I didn't knew any better " , Niall said , which all caused us to burst out laughing at his at his weirdness.Harry wiggled his eyebrows at India at Niall's comment , which surely made India blush a little and she said in a strained voice , "Oh , shut up ", which only caused more chuckling from our table. 
"So India , tell us about your family ?" , I asked genuinely interested .
"well , as I was going to say earlier , my parents are from India but are settled here in London . My dad's an surgeon while my mother is an speaker and holds speeches on different topics in many different colleges/schools etc. My sister is in high school and is in tenth grade", she said very casually , oh yeah , it would be casual for her , they are her family of course .
"Wow , your dad's an surgeon " , Zayn spoke up for the first time in since our arrival here , India nodded smiling .
"And Mum's an speaker " , Louis spoke and India nodded smiling more now .
"Oh , I forgot , there's also Josh , he's my best friend and has been for as long as I remember , his dad's an heart surgeon and works in same hospital as my dad , and his mum is an REIKI doctor , so my parents and his parents are basically best friends , so we've known each other our whole lives , he's just an month older than me ..." , and she might have continued with little talk , has is not been for Harry interrupting her , he said , "seems pretty special to you " , very calmly but you can easily know it was strained . 
"who's best friends are not special to them , of course he's special to me , he has been with me through thick and thin " , we all were surprised by her tone of voice , but Louis sensing the tension getting thicker suddenly changed topic and asked , " So , how do you ended up in 'syco' ? " ,mocking the name of the company .Chuckling India replied , "Well , 2 years back I started uploading covers on youtube and one year back I got signed ". 
"Hey , simon told us that you've just been on tour , not sure it was part of your prank or not , if not , who were you on tour with ?" I asked signalling back to the time when simon told us  that artist who was going on tour has just been on tour and now was on a vacation.
"It was the truth , I've just returned from it yesterday and it was with 5 Second Of Summer " , she replied smiling.
"Oh , I knew it ", both Zayn and Niall burst out at the same time , which caused all of us laugh hard while they WTF's look to each other.
"Hey , I aslo meant to ask who were those guys you were with in the beginning and why when we entered here , some people started waving at you and stuff ?" , I asked her because I've been thinking all throughout our time here , don't ask why because I myself don't know , curious may be. 
Rest of the food was finished just like that , getting to know each other through questions , it was really fun hanging out with her  . We all exchanged numbers and our social media accounts etc and bid good bye to each other. During the talking and eating , I received an text from simon saying he has an important announcement to make tomorrow , so we better not be late and should not even think about skipping it . Hmm , what could be it , I thought to myself , while zayn was driving to drop all of us .Me and Zayn had apartments in the same building , so as we were heading towards I asked him something that had been nagging me throughout the time we were there , "Harry was acting strange ! " , OK , may it was more of a statement rather than a question , but whatever.
"Yeah and so was Niall , he was acting extra sweet today !", he replied heading towards .
"But Niall's always sweet ", I stated back , entering the lift , pressing my floor number button on it.
"Nah , he has taken an liking for India  and so does Harry , that's why they were acting strange ", he replied shrugging .Oh well , that explains it .
"How can you know it", I questioned getting out of the lift .
"Nothing , they always act around a girl like this when they like her ", he explained , wow , I feel like an very unobservant person right now .Let just hope this doesn't affect our band , I'm very sure of it but then you can never be too sure of it . 

****India's P.OV.*****
Spending time with guys has been an nice experience , they got to know me and I got to know a little more about them . Whole time we were laughing about one thing then another , we are just awesome like that . There have been one weird encounter with me , which the lads enjoyed so heartedly , little bitches they are , I tell you .Middle of the night , I got an text from simon saying that  an important announcement is going to take place tomorrow in the meeting , so I should be present there no matter what . Hmm , let's see what's that important tomorrow , for now I was sitting on bed ready to get under covers and go to peaceful and wonderful land of dreams whem my cellphone beeped two times indicating two texts , Yawn , I'll just check them tomorrow . 


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